National Nut Day

I can’t help changing National Nut day into a perverted holiday all of my own. I know it is meant to celebrate nuts that you eat but I have made it the day I honor and worship the nuts between your legs. I have kept my mouth full of sweaty, salty nuts all day and I don’t intend on stopping or slowing down any time soon. I love the feel and taste of heavy, cum filled nuts in my mouth, on my chin or pounding my pussy while they get ready to fill me up with their wonderful, thick, surprise. I can’t help but love the feel of hot, thick sperm coating the back of my throat as I swallow every delicious drop. And the feeling when it is shot deep into my pussy as it hits the inside walls and oozes out while that cock continues to pound away at me is just more then I can take. The idea of worshiping, caressing, and catering to you and your nuts all day long on this special holiday makes me wet before the day even begins and all I want to do is enjoy every second of it. Perhaps I will make tomorrow National Left Over Nuts day and get all the ones that I didn’t  have time for today!

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