Cancun Vacation

Cancun is where every girl goes to look for a hot man with a hard body. I am not different than any other girl. I walked around on the beach hours and no man was catching my attention. Later, that night I went back to my hotel room where I was met by the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. He was standing in front of his door trying to get it unlocked. I was standing there mesmerized by his sexiness before my dreams were shattered right there in front of me. His wife had just walked up. They kisses for a moment and walked into their room not before he snuck a wink at me. As the night went on I heard them arguing when I heard the door slam. I opened the door to see his wife stomping down the hallway. He looked out to catch her but only saw me standing there. Him looking me up and down I could tell he was making love to me with his eyes. I reached over and touched his hard chest rubbing my hands all over feeling those muscles so tight. I leaned over and whispered in his ear that I am all alone here tonight. As I slowly walked backward to my bedroom. Soon as the door was closed behind us he took charge just like I needed him to he pushed me up against the door opening my long silk robe exposing my beautiful large breasts he caressed them softly and slowly with his hands,kissing them softly twirling his tongue around each nipple. Making my body crave him, needing him now. He slid his tongue down my body inch by inch not missing apart of me. He got right between my legs and pushed one leg up burying his face right into my wet,hot pussy making love to me with his tongue, reaching up pinching my nipples making them swell as my love juices dripped all into to his mouth. When he knew my sweet spot could not cum anymore. He came back up kissed me passionately and said he would be back tonight for more and winked and walked back to his room.

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