Email Delight

I have several websites I play on! And this morning I got the best email I have ever read! A boy who had never had a special girl like me! Who dreamed and longed for my special kind of loving! He begged me to teach him how to take a cock. He begged me to be his first cock. He told me how much he needed it. How much he longed for my cock. And as I read his email I got so fucking hard I had to call him RIGHT then and set up a meet.  I had to have him! I had to teach him about this big black cock!  He was so eager! He was so ready!  I barely got him in the door before he was begging and I mean begging me to let him suck my big back cock! I just couldn’t say no to such an eager willing student! I let him drop to his knees and take my cock out of my pants! He tried to shove the whole thing in his mouth..but of course he gagged! I had to grab his head and guide him up and down my shaft!  He kept trying till he finally picked it up and swallowed my big black cock! Finally I had to take over and put him on his back! I wanted to watch his face as I buried my big black cock inside him. He shot his load the second I got all the way in. Then I fucked him till he got hard again. And I let him shoot again when I came inside him!  He will NEVER forget his first!

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