Burn Bitch

This stupid cunt thinks she can have my King. She thinks by burning my pictures she can erase me from his life.

It’s OK honey, because Alanza is coming for you tonight. I didn’t mind sharing him with you but you have to go be a greedy bitch and try to keep him from me. It isn’t happening. Get ready girl because I am on my way. I have gas and matches and lots of fun things to fuck you up with before I set you on fire. I am going to brand that pretty pink skin of yours with my initials and laugh as you scream in pain and smell your burning flesh. Then I am going to peel the skin off that sweet little cunt of yours and lick it clean. You have no idea of the pain you are about to experience. And right before you pass out from that pain my King will join me. He will give you one last fuck while I watch.

To end our encounter you will be our bon fire and we will fuck like crazed maniacs as we light the match and listen to your screams become silence as your flesh crackles and sizzles taking the life right out of you.

No one will hear your cry’s and all the begging and pleading will mean nothing. NEVER EVER TRY TO COME BETWEEN A QUEEN AND HER KING!

Would any one like to watch the party? I know I have some followers out there that are just as turned on by the thought of snuffing this cunt slowly. Join us if you would like, all twisted fucks are welcome.

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