Breeding Your little ones

breeding phone sex

Have I ever told you what a brutal whore I am during breeding phone sex?

Well here goes…

He needed me to help pop some sweet ones cherries and make sure they were ready for his daddy cum. His very own sweet ones at that! He knew this mixed bitch was raunchy enough to pull those little girls legs apart as I grind on his innocent daughters faces for him! He says “cum on her face as I implant this incest seed in my offspring!” 

And of course I’m gonna grind this spic nigga cunt all over her young mouth for him! That shit gets me so drenching wet and out of my mind with pleasure! I love helping daddies use those precious littles of theirs as breeding whores! I’m the accomplice that will make sure you daughters and all their little friends end up with flat chests and big pregnant bellies and swollen little pregnant cunts for you. If we have to kidnap them and keep them in the barn until they deliver then so be it! Maybe we can snuff a couple out with some brutal fucking too! We can always replace the little crotch goblins! I hope your cock got hard for that and you know where to find me! I love the dark hours where I find the most sadistic freaks like you! 


If you need a snuff cum slut phone sex session and cant sneak away we offer cyber sessions too!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

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