Bowlers Play With Their Balls

Yeah this rough ass bitch likes to hit the alley now and then. And I will show your ass how to play with your balls. Besides the fun we have on the lanes rolling our games there is fun on the side!
Iso wanted a new ball and the sales man for Motiv came by the lanes promoting their new ball the Primal Rage. What a freaking ball that is! Of course just like a good salesman he let me play with his balls and try them out. And I fell in love with this one in particular.
I had to have it so I put on my best smile and began to negotiate. After all I have something worth more then money….a wet pussy and a mouth that can suck a golf ball threw a garden hose!
Yeah I am that fucking good. You don’t know yet? Well you should.
So I took him right there on the lanes. Fucked his big balls dry. Gave him the time of his fucking life. And not only got a pussy full of his jizz, but got the ball I wanted dirt cheap.
Think I will fuck him for a bag next time he visits the lanes.
Time to use my ball and roll for money, total wood, you won’t get any sticks here…get your balls warmed up cause here I come!

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