Is It Really A Bad Idea To Blow Your Boss?

Submissive Phone SexI have had my job for a year and a half or so, and I love it!  From time to time my boss gets a little too close to me and makes a comment about fucking me, or he rubs up against my chest.  I can ignore it most of the time because he doesn’t persist. Yesterday he approached me and said that if I didn’t stop teasing him and let him fuck me that I was going to be fired.  I had until the end of the week to decide if I was going to fuck him or get fired.

I thought about reporting him but to be honest he has a nice body and if his cock is at least 6 inches I would love to fuck him.  I went to his office a little while after he made his ultimatum and stripped out of my clothes and left on my bustier and thong.  I sat in his chair and waited for him to return.  When he did I sucked his cock, and I was happy to do it but he didn’t last very long at all.  To my delight his cock was well over 8 inches long and at least 2 inches thick, so his cock would definitely fill me up and make me cum!

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