Lesson Time

hot phonesex desireeI always get excited when my son calls from college to tell me he has a new girl and they are cumming for a visit. He doesn’t have to say the words or go into detail because it always means the same thing. You see no one sucks his cock like mommy does! No one ever has and no one ever likely will! But he always brings them home to me for a weekend. He always tells them the same thing, he wants to bring them home to meet mom. They all are honored and feel so special that he wants them to meet his mom! But the reality is he brings them home so I can teach them how he likes to have his dick sucked. I also have to teach them each just what he likes in bed, and how to keep his sweet cock happy! I love the lessons. The girls are always shocked at first when he tells them what is about to happen. But he is such a sweet talker that in the end they all give in and are happy to do what it takes in an effort to please and keep him. Of course he knows how much I love it and how horny it makes me to teach the girls all the things he likes because it means that I get to suck and fuck him all weekend while they watch, giving them little tastes here and there. I love being a cougar mom!

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