Bitch Boy

Sitting in my room relaxing, my doorbell rings.  I answer the door and there is my little bitch boy kneeling on the ground, begging for me to abuse him.  I usually don’t allow sissy boy’s to just pop up at my home but how can I pass up an opportunity to humiliate a tiny dick panty boy.  Crawl your no dick ass in here and then take those men clothes off your body because you are a fucking girl slut not a man.  Put this hook over your face because you do not deserve to see my huge piece of meat.  I am tying your hands behind your back because you’re such a pig I don’t want you to touch me and make filthy.  The only use I can find for you is your mouth on my cock because you need to be fucking choked until your punk ass is about to die.  Oh don’t worry I will not give you the satisfaction of dying because you deserve a long life of punishment.

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