Birthday Suprise

I got a call from Peggy last week. She had to work late tonight on her sons birthday. She asked if I could invite him over for a little cake so he wasn’t alone until she got home. I was happy to do it! I love to bake. And It has been a few years since I have seen David. And boy was I surprised! He has grown a foot since I saw him! I baked him a chocolate surprise cake. I sat him at the table and put the cake down. I reached over to get his plate and DAMN IT. I pushed my big tits in his cake! I cant believe I did it. I was so upset! David was laughing so hard. And then he asked if he could still have the cake. And I told him of course you can sweetie! I was surprised when he stood up and walked over to me. THEN BENT DOWN and LICKED my shirt. Right over my breasts! My nipples got so hard. He got this cute little smile on his face and said I should take that dirty shirt off. Of course I did. Followed by my bra and skirt. Then I took his clothes off. I gave him the best birthday ever! I got down on my knees and sucked his young cock till it was throbbing hard. Then I let him bend me back over that cake and fuck me like the man he was becoming! Ooh his young dick pounded me for almost an hours before he came deep inside me. I think I enjoyed his birthday as much as he did!

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