A Little Field Trip

We walked into the store and he told me to stay close by. I love going to the sex store. That’s the one place that I get to be free and uninhibited. After all, who knows my pussy better than me? The way it feels, what makes it feel good, what it needs. These are all of the type of questions that only I know the answer to. Don’t get me wrong, I am highly likely to try anything once. But overall, I know what I like, and this store has everything to make my pussy purr and more! I know that I like to wear dog collars when I get fucked from behind. I know that I like double headed dildos better than regular ones. I love double penetration. It feels so good to have both holes stuffed with cock real or rubber. I’m into a lot of freaky shit. My pussy loves to be told what to do and punished for not doing it. I get off on being dominated and I live to serve others. I’m damn good at it too. They just love my big soft tits and tight ass. I know daddy will make good use of this sex store… I can’t wait to see what gadgets he’s going to abuse me so good with tonight.

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