biggest cum shot from a killer

Biggest cum shot

My big brown tits are perfect to grab your biggest cum shot splattered.  A sexy accomplice that helps torture and kills souls is always the best cum target. I still can feel my newest snuff lover’s cum dripping down my tits after the perfect kill-and-torture sex. The ex-boyfriend who had beat the shit out of me the week before was currently 6 ft under with a speaker in his coffin. My lover’s cock was so hard as I jerked him real nice and slow under the full moon. The screams of a man being devoured by a small sharp-toothed beast had made him so fucking engorged. We sat there listening to my ex-man beg and plead for his life.

Went we broke into his house to kidnap him I never thought my snuff freak side would come out to play. But here I was stroking his cock listening to our victim being eaten slowly from the inside out. I pushed a button so My ex-boyfriend could hear me, I told him that right now his best friend was big tit fucking me to him dying. That only resulted in more screams and begging. I jerked and titty fucked until my beautiful brown tits were splattered by my snuff lover’s cum! It was so hot, I creamed my panties twice! Let’s do it again! 

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