Biggest Cum Shot for Mommy

phone sex ReannaOne of my favorite big boys came over the other day to play with me. I decided to give him a handjob and aim for the biggest cum shot I could all over my face. And of course, my big boy did not disappoint.

Once he was stripped, I pulled out his shaft and began stroking it with first one hand, then the other, pulling at it like I was climbing a rope. I twisted my hands as I tugged on him, spinning my hands when they got to his head. Next, I started by simply stroking him with full palm and hand, but starting from the base of his balls all the way up to the tip. He said he loved that.

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When I started probing his ass with one finger is when I started stroking him faster, and that’s when he decided he was ready to cum. He climbed onto my chest and came all over my face. The cum shot was one of the biggest I’ve had, which is what I’d hoped for!

biggest cum shot Reanna

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