Biggest Cum Shot Competition

biggest cum shot

I was at a party last weekend and the guys there decided that they would have a contest to see who could shoot the biggest cum shot on my face. You know me – I’m a slut and I was super down for it. I got right down on my knees, and I sucked cock after cock. I was kind of sad that I didn’t get to suck the cum out of their dicks, but them making messes on my face was pretty fucking hot, too. And I got to scoop them up and eat them off my fingers when they were done, so all wasn’t lost.

I’m not sure how many guys there were. I lost track and it didn’t matter to me. I was having the best time ever. They finally judged (they took pictures of every load on my face) and the winner won the best prize ever – he got to fuck my ass and then stick his cock down my throat for me to clean it up. Don’t tell anyone, but I would have done that anyway! I didn’t need a contest. But I’m glad because I got to have a stomach full of jizz that night. Wanna hear all the details? I’m here, ready to tell you!

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