Biggest cum shot by a goth Chick in the Bathroom

Biggest cum shotBiggest cum shot by a goth Chick in the Bathroom has disastrous results for a stranger I just met! He thinks he is getting a sweet slut in a costume to suck him off. Yes, he will get to blow a load, but it’s the bloodshed after that I want. And so does my boss who takes me places like this. He has a serious snuff fetish and loves me hurting men for him. So when he brings me to the Underground Club, I know some dick is getting mutilated! I make sure the man I choose is fit for the job and that he won’t put up a fight. He should be strong enough to withstand my torture. This snuff cunt takes great pleasure in watching him suffer as I exact my revenge on his cock and balls!

Big tit fucking in the nasty bathroom made him spew all over my tits. There was so much pressure, Just so much pressure: he could not take it! I take his yogurt-thick cum all over my tits and rub it in like lotion. I wink at my older boyfriend who was pissing in the urinal watching us. Nope,  I am not done with him. I need to sink my teeth into his cock while my man watches and jerks. My man puts a collar around my victim and My teeth gnash and tear! It’s a bomb collar; hail satan; we are going to watch his head explode while my baby jerks his dick on my body! 

Biggest cum shot by a goth Chick in the Bathroom isn’t always a good thing for the cock I am sucking! But for my main man, it’s snuff porn! 

CBT Phone Sex has many ways it can be played. But My favorite is hurting and killing men for a big older married cock. Just think of all the ways I can make your cock / head explode into a million pieces as I jerk my sexy Boss’s cock all over my luscious young mix-breed tits!

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