Best science fair EVER!

I was so excited to exhibit my science fair project. I was doing a project on evaporation. I set up the bunson burner and thought I had set it up right but when I turned it on I accidently caught my shirt on fire! Mr. Knight was so quick to put the fire out but he had to rip off my shirt! He quickly moved me to his office. And When he came to check on me I was so upset he gave me a big hug. And I could feel his cock get so hard while he was pushed up against me. And I could tell how big and thick that cock was. I pulled Mr. Knight close to me and brushed my hands against his throbbing hard long thick dick. I heard him suck in a big breath and freeze. I started to slide my hand up and down that cock until he couldn’t take it anymore and pushed me over his desk and fucked me! His big hard cock pounding me until I came over and over his hard dick. Hands down this is the best science fair I have ever had.

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