Neighbor’s Wife

Two weeks ago I had been outside washing my car all morning in my little blue jean shorts. I saw the neighbors husband starring at my ass as I bent over to wash my car.

Today my car needed to be washed again so since he was outside I felt the urge to show him my sweet goodies under my shorts. He got so hard between his legs as soon as he seen the goodness there was under my shorts.

His wife walked outside and saw her husband with a hard on in his hand and of course being the normal jealous wife she flipped out and came running over to me yelling tell me that I was nothing but a fucking slut.

I just grinned and said to her she is just jealous, that her husband does not look at her anyone especially the way he looks at my beautiful young body.

He has been eye fucking me for hours after that. I think he might get a sweet piece of ass later. *Wink*


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