Daddy’s Little School Girl Teases

Becka and me both are out to please our Daddy’s … Giggle yeah right. We just wear pants and t-shirts around them so they will not think that their little girls are doing things wrong.

If they only knew what we wore and did once we left their eyes. Depending on who’s Daddy left first which is normally Becka’s I go over to her house and we change into cute little micro mini skirts. Just short enough to tease our teachers.

They can not really think that we would give anything up to them our Daddy’s did teach us how to be little ladies. All the girls at school are jealous of us because we do not have to do any of our school work that is what we use our hot little bodies for is to get what we want, when we want it. Becka started telling me about how she dresses up like a pretty little slut and teases older men and they started buying her all kinds of cute little outfits and anything that she wanted.

She was telling me how to do that. Tonight me and her have a super hot date with a older man. We have to wait till Daddy is well asleep so we can sneak out and tease him and get all the things we want…

To my surprise they older man we were meeting was Mr. Jones our History teacher he said that he was tired of us always walking around the school in our little skirts thinking we could get what we want without having to give up anything.

Becka just laughed at him like it was nothing but he was very serious. We really wanted the pretty little mini skirts, and all the other slutty little outfits he got us. He said the only way we were going to get it is if we give up the one thing we were never really willing too that was our little cunnys.

We are going to keep it a naughty little secret exactly what we did so Daddy does not find out, lets just say it this way we got everything we wanted. Our Daddy’s wouldn’t be to proud to know we gave up something so precious. *Wink*

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