Best Christmas Ever!!!

Another fantastic vacation at home cum and gone.  And you know anytime I get to see my family is fun time. But this year was better than ever. My brother was home for the holidays as well, we put up the most spectacular Christmas tree. I spent the whole day  joking about knowing exactly where to put the balls. And how I was going to light that tree up!  It was so much fun teasing him. We were laughing and carrying on like little little ones. But I knew he would pay me back but good! And I was so right. I barely had time to slip into this sexy little leopard print bra and panty set he got me, when he came busting in my room.  He didn’t even waste time flirting he just yanked me right off of the bed and pushed me down on the floor and told me to start taking care of his balls. And I sure did. As I was watched that cock swell and dance for me while I was sucking and licking his tight balls, my puss turned on like a water fountain. Just knowing he was going to be giving me exactly want I wanted for Christmas. I came on myself before he ever shoved that cock in my mouth or my tight holes.

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