Grade A Dick

I was out running errands today. Returning the last of the bad Christmas presents and trying to enjoy my day out.  I found this fabulous sale on the cutest little black bra and panty sets. I was making my way to the dressing room when I heard the sexiest voice ever ask if I was going to come out and model them. I looked up and saw the most gorgeous man smiling at me.  Sandy brown hair, broad shoulders and a nice hard body. He had that mischievous  grin going on. I smiled and told him to wait right there. The look of shock on his face was very nice. I guess  he expected me to say no or something. Like I say no. I hurried into the dressing room slipped into the bra and panty set and marched right back out. His knees almost crumpled when he saw me and his cock got so hard I could make out every inch of it in those tight jeans. And I knew exactly what I wanted.. I walked up to him grabbed his hand and pulled him in the changing room.  When I locked the door  I turned around put my hands on the long mirror, stuck my ass straight out for him and told him to “Fuck my ass” That was the last thing I had to say to him. Of course I bought the cum filled panty’s.

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