Best “Bachelor” Party Ever!

When I got offered to work a bachelor party, I jumped at the chance – they are usually a blast and I get a lot of nice cock that is starved for some tight pussy. The groom is always especially fun to screw and the money is kickass too.  Little did I know this would be an entirely different experience! I was instructed by a woman over the telephone to bring at least two or three other girls and that we were to wear schoolgirl uniforms.

That didn’t seem too out of the ordinary – I’ve played a policewoman and other such things before, so I agreed. I found some hot friends of mine that were down for the event and we got our outfits together. They looked so damn hot we barely made it to the party without just having our own twisted little orgy! We pulled up, and went to the door, and to our surprise, a super hot chick answered the door. She was also in a schoolgirl outfit? I was confused but she welcomed us in and so we went.

hot phonesex emma
She led us towards the loud music and when we entered the room she announced that the “talent” was here. It was a room full of smoking hot women! She saw the look of surprise on our faces, and laughed as she told me that the bride and groom happen to both be women in this wedding – and it all started to make sense. She introduced us to the “groom”, who was a gorgeous lipstick lesbian who wasn’t shy at all about tugging on my skirt and wanting to touch me all over.

hot phonesex emma
We began drinking heavily and partying with all the hot girls and then it was time for the “groom” to get her show. She wanted one thing and one thing only – to spank us naughty schoolgirls! I was so horny after spending time with these hot aggressive women that I was up for anything. She grabbed each of us one by one and put us over her lap and began spanking us so hard our asses were bright red! She was firm, and slapped so hard it made my pussy drip. I wanted her so fucking bad, but she only wanted to spank us.

The other guests, however, were more than happy to join in the all girl orgy that rolled on into the rest of the night. The happy “groom” sure did know how to throw a party, and I will never forget my first same-sex bachelor party, as it was full of sexy pussy and women who knew exactly how to please me.  

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