Blade Addiction

My blade addiction has gotten out of control. I need your control and your commands to be sliced open correctly. The cuts are getting deeper and my thoughts go fuzzy from loss of blood, so I need your guidance more than ever. I begged you to please cum over and play with me – your favorite little pain slut. You sounded angry but horny, and agreed to cum. I splayed myself out on the floor naked, waiting for your heavy hands. When you arrived, you bound my ankles together and told me you had a new surprise for me.

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My pussy was leaking I was so excited to feel what you had in mind. You began touching my body, tracing my old scars with your fingers, and I know how much they excite your cock. You look at them with such love and lust, and I tingle all over as you begin to stroke your cock. You reach in your bag and pull out what appears to be a glove of some sort. Then I see that it has long sharp blades on it. You whisper to me that you are going to slit me wide open using your new glove today.

The blades are long and sharp and gleam in the sunlight coming through the windows. My heart races, knowing they could easily cut me deep enough to end my life quickly. I never know where you will begin with your slices, but you lift my legs up into the air, ankles tied together, and put on the glove. You give my pussy juices one quick taste, and then slowly slide the blade protruding from your index finger right inside my cunt. I felt the blade cut into me like fire and the rush of pain through my body was everything I had hoped.

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You fucked my with one finger until I could feel my hot blood dripping down my ass. Then you inserted another finger. The pain increased and you began stroking your cock even harder. I felt more blood, and your lust for blood equals that of mine for pain. Another finger – three deep inside me now – and I felt the cold blades through the heat of the pain. I began to get dizzy, and my vision blurred. The most amazing feeling in the world. As you inserted your fourth finger and started fucking my cunt with your hand, my vision started to fade. I could still feel the blood pouring out of me, and I could hear you stroking your cock as you came all over my bloody cunt.

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