BBC for sissy and Me!

black cock phone sexThis homeboy has the biggest BBC on the block, Probably the whole town, but the town is huge and he loves a nice Latina chick like me. He knows I can take all 11 inches in my Pussy and Culo (ass). I won’t complain like his little white bitches. He loves to bring over some crack so I get really frisky and suck him off before he even gets to my wet Panocha. But he will get up in there soon enough. Jacking him as His cum marinades in my mouth in the red room of luxury at the Venus Motel down on the highway he grins real big. He ask if I could handle him and his brother at the same time. Now I knew I could and said yes real fast as he put a ten dollar rock on the chore in my glass dick. “Oh and one more thing, He’s bringing some white boy who owes us money. We are going to fuck both him and you, okay Spic whore?” I’m always down for a sissy getting fucked by BBC, and I just want to show him how much fun he is going to have. He might not walk for a week, but pimping sissies to BBC gets My Pretty spic pussy all lathered in pussy juice!

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