Just Like Mommy

Barely Legal Phone Sex


My daughter is a barely legal tramp who loves it when I train her to be a real cum sucking whore like me.  She likes to fool around with all of mommy’s play things, whether it’s my collection of slutty sex toys or my squad of sleazy fuck boys, she covets them all.  The little skank barely even lets me fuck her dad on my own!  It’s okay, she just wants to be like her mom, I think it’s sweet.

This morning, I was getting him ready for work with some hot fuck action when she burst into our room pissed off because we were screwing without her.  She stripped down, positioned herself between her pop’s legs and sucked his bare balls as I rode his rigid rod.  Wanting to have her snatch satisfied, she knelt beside us and whined until he pushed me off, got behind her and banged her doggystyle.  I settled in next to her and bent over to offer my man a double helping of family pussy.  He would fuck one of us while fingering the other, switching back and forth until our perched pussies made him explode, covering both of us in his frothy cum.  He pushed her head down and held her in place by her braid as I licked all of his goop off of her round ass and both of her horny fuck holes.  She’s such a brat.


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