Bang Bang

I want to be a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. The only problem is I haven’t found my Clyde. I need a big strong man that isn’t afraid to be my accomplice. A guy that will hold the gun while I call the shots. I want to know that he wants to find trouble and fuck shit up in style and live on the edge. I want to do everything from robbing mother fuckers to fucking pussy with the barrel of our guns and making bitches scream both from pleasure and from pain. I want to pillage and plunder and just plain reek all kinds of havoc. I want people to know who we are by our reputation, the carnage we leave behind and the fear just the mere mention of our name instills. Hell yeah I want to be a gun toting, bad ass bitch with a bad mother fucker by my side. makes me so fucking hot thinking about it I just want to shove this cold steel barrel up my cunt and cum. Are you game?

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