Back in My Day


Back in my day a woman knew how to take care of her man. Not this equality bull shit that goes on now. I mean women used to be rulers of their kingdom. Because they were rulers in their bedroom. A guy would do anything so he could fuck his own wife. And a woman could have anything she wanted. She could get out of any trouble she was in. And all she had to do was suck her husbands dick. Now women expect fair and equal time in the bedroom. She expects her man to get on his knees and lick her pussy. She demands so much attention and time, that her man doesn’t even want to be around her. I’m old enough to know better than that shit. I greet my man with sucking his dick. I lick his balls. I slide my tongue all the way back to his tight little asshole and lick that to. I let him suck on and play with my nipples. And I ride his dick like it’s a bronco needing to be broken. Then I get him an ice cold drink, tell him he’s the best I’ve ever been with. And that man is mine forever. I don’t have to ask him to lick my pussy. He will beg me to lick my pussy. I don’t have to demand he treat me better. Because he’ll treat me like a goddess. You see all these needy greedy little bitches out there. Don’t know how to take care of their man. A man just needs a little attention. He needs to feel special and wanted. You make a man feel like he’s wanted, and he will fuck you like he needs you. Because he can’t get that shit anywhere else.


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