Birthday Suprise


I love finding special surprises for my little ones on their birthday. Of course mommy still needs to make her money. So I have to come up with unique and fun experiences, that pays well. It was little Katie’s birthday. And I have a special request in for the last couple of weeks. Matt and four of his friends, wanted some special time with just one girl. So I thought that would be perfect. I planned a special birthday party. Katie got all dressed up. And the five guys each brought little Katie a present. Of course she had earned her presents. Katie was such a good little slut, she unwrapped each one of their dick’s. Then got busy licking and sucking them. They each took turns fucking her one by one. Then they put her back up on her knees, and gathered around her in a circle. And they all started jacking off telling her what a good little fuck slut she is. Their balls were already so tight. And I could see her pussy juices on the shafts of their cocks as they were stroking. All the sudden they just started exploding on her. It was like she was in a fucking cum shower. I couldn’t even see her little face anymore. She was covered in thick creamy white cum. She had to wipe it off of her face and eyes just so she could see. And then the guys gave her all her presents. After all she had earned them.


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