Autumn is the best time to get my gigantic cock sucked!

I love autumn, it’s the season with the most beautiful colors and the weather is perfect for cozy sweaters and cuddling outside by a fire. It’s also back to school time which means that the college near my house is packed full of sexy young men that want to learn a thing or two from a beautiful woman like me. Yesterday for instance, I was dressed in my sexy librarian look, you know what I mean, tight skirt sexy blouse and glasses. This gorgeous guy walked up to me and asked for my number, he said that he needed some help studying and since I looked like a smart woman he was hoping I would give him a hand. He was so damn pretty I would have agreed to anything so I told him to come by that evening. When he arrived he had no books, no laptop, nothing at all to study with so I asked him what he needed help with and he said all he really needed was help getting my big cock in his mouth! I was shocked because I had assumed he didn’t know I was a shemale. Not only did he know what I was, he fucking loved it! He worshipped my big cock, licking and sucking it for hours until I finally filled his mouth with all my creamy cum. This is exactly the kind of study break I like best!

You can get a hot autumn study break with me without breaking your wallet too, try one of our specials!

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