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Master Created the Perfect Pain Slave

BDSM phone sex

My new fucktoy is turning this cheating whore into the perfect submissive pain princess. When he told me he wanted to own my soul, I had no idea that it would entail him turning me into his rope bunny, shoving a ball gag in my mouth, and inflicting me with more pain than I knew I could handle. I’m in no way complaining because this type of torture is exactly what I need to make my pussy squirt it’s juicy nectar like a water hose. Since I can clearly remember, I’ve always liked pain and bondage. When I was little my daddy used to hogtie and violate my tiny pussy. I guess after years of being daddy’s mini fuck slave, I learned to enjoy being bound. Daddy was gentle, kind, and loving otherwise. Not like my new fucktoy master. I have to earn his kindness through my endurance of the pain and abuse he inflicts. Once I prove that I can fully submit to his will and relinquish my obedient soul, that is when my new master will show his affection and render his tender aftercare rewards.Hardcore ass fucking

Master is a gentle and generous sadist who knows that my pussy is his pain playground. He knows how to hurt me until I cry, scream, cum and beg for more. At that point there’s no denying that he is my one true Master and he is in total control of this subby MILF. Master’s thick cock gets rock-hard as he accepts his place as the rightful owner of my slippery cunt. My complete helplessness and full dependence on my Master, even to turn my head, is enough to make his massive cock leak creamy pre-cum. I beg my master to leave his mark. I need him to solidify his complete dominance over me. He obliges my request to be marked by ramming his cock into my tight pussyhole and dumping his huge cumload inside me. I’m finally marked as his submissive slave breeder whore. After we’re done he’ll leave me here restrained so that I don’t ever forget my place as his fuck slave. He may even let you come in and brutalize my fuckholes too. Watching his property be used by other studs boosts Master’s confidence. No matter how good those other cocks drill my pussy. It will always belong to my Master. Knowing this makes Masters’ massive cock throb with pure satisfaction and delight.Pain slut phone sex

He Loves Mommy’s Feet

Fetish phone sex

My sweet boy always knows how to make his hot p-mommy feel good. Every night he comes into my room l, climbs into my bed, and rubs my feet. His huge hands caress the soles of my feet, sending chills down my spine and into my pussy. He takes my pretty toes into his mouth and swirls his tongue in between them. I love it when he tongue fucks my toes like they’re a pussy. He knows it drives my mommy cunt insane. Massaging my tiny feet and watching my reactions makes my sonshine so horny. I rub his massive cock with my opposite foot while we lock eyes. He’s the male version of me I think to myself. He’s giving, gentle, caring, and absolutely adores feet play. I raised such an amazing man. I can feel his cock getting harder as I increase the pace and pressure of my foot. I can feel his soft moans while my other foot is still in his warm, wet mouth. I rub my clitty while he watches with, mouth full of toes. The sight and smell of my sweet juicy slit and the taste of my manicured toes has my sonshine hard as a rock and leaking creamy pre-cum. I can tell he’s enjoying this sexy cock/ foot massage. His moans are getting louder, making my own push start to drip and leak. Sharing such an erotic, intimate moment with my sweet boy is making my tight pussy quiver. I can feel myself getting ready to orgasm from my son’s tongue action. We’re so in sync I know he feels it too. His throbbing dick let’s me know that he’s close to a cock explosion. As my pussy starts to squirt and vibrate I push my foot deeper into my son’s hot mouth, gagging his throat as I cum. “I love you, my sweet, sweet boy!” I moaned and squirted. My sonshine inhaled my luscious foot as he filled his shorts with thick, creamy cum. 

“Love you, mommy!” He whispered.

Flick It Up for this Slutty Stepmom

Naked teen picturesDo you get horny looking at hot, sexy naked teen pictures? Well so does this slutty MILF. Sometimes my pussy gets so wet and jumpy from eye-fucking those teeny fucktoys I just have to get one of my horny stepsons to lick it up until she squirts hot pussy juices everywhere. They have always been ready and willing to let me fuck their sweet, little faces. Ever since I married their sexy father years ago. I may not have pushed those little hornballs out my cunt, but they sure french kiss my full pussy lips like I gave them life. All I ask for in return is a few sexy teen dick pics or hot wet slit pics from their teen whore girlfriends that I can store in my spank bank. I even get their fuckhappy little friends to send me their best and biggest cum shots. They get so hyped to send me pictures and videos for me to rub my cougar-pussy to. It’s literally the hottest live teen porn this horny MILF ever watched. My juicy slit always squirts its sweet nectar in full agreement. That’s what my boys love most about my bald, bonus-mommy pussy. The way she gushes and makes a big wet mess. No matter how much I feed them, they always want more and more. You know what they say about how greedy teenagers can be. Good thing this dirty p-mommy is generous and my pussy stays hot and ready. In fact, my boys are here right now horny and waiting to be fed. They love licking my warm pussy while I have dirty phone sex. Call me so we can both give these adorable fucktoys what they want. I don’t mind feeding them all by myself, but they have so much fun when there’s someone else there for me to mind fuck while they eat. We can even look at sexy, naked teen pics when we all cum together.

Cum Lick My Wet Bald Pussy

Wet bald pussy

I know you want to taste my wet, bald pussy. You want to bury your tongue deep between these juicy pussy lips. Thoughts of devouring my freshly shaved cunt have your fat cock jumping inside your pants. You want me to use your face as my chair. You dream about licking and sucking my dripping wet kitty while I grind on your face. You want to make me squirt my sweet pussy juices so you can drown in my delicious nectar. That’s what gets you off isn’t it? Me feeding you my immaculate pussy. You want to experience the biggest cum shot your dick has ever produced, knowing that your mouth is solely responsible for making my pussy vibrate and flood. We both know you need it. All you have to do is cum get what you’re craving. 

Naughty Confessions of a Blasphemy Whore

Blasphemy phone sex

I showed my hot, sexy pussy to my priest. I had fantasized about the look on his face when I sat in the front row, spread my thick thighs, and revealed my bald pussy to him, the Father, the Son, and the Holy fucking Spirit. I wondered would his blessed cock get rock-hard right in front of all those other holier than thou hypocrites? Would he order me to the altar and make me kneel and suck his long, heavy crucifix in front of the parishioners as punishment for my sins. I must confess I’ve pondered this moment and found myself hot and horny thinking of all the ways my naughty pussy would be punished by my sexy archbishop and his slutty nuns. Now I would get my dirty prayers answered. Cum tell me how my juicy, blasphemous cunt deserves to pay penance for my sin.

Branded by Big Daddy King

GFE phone sex

Big Daddy King and his giant BBC have been on this hot sluts mind. All that BIG DICK ENERGY and Papi King’s big ego keeps me wanting more and more of my BDK. Big Daddy surprises me with a hot new tramp stamp and a steamy fuck session in HIS private wing located in HIS brand new building. You see, Papi King never stops winning. That’s why I don’t mind having the words “Property of BDK’‘ tatted right above my juicy, fat white ass. My hot new brand and diamond encrusted g-string had Big Daddy and his 13 ½ inch anaconda’s full attention during his speech. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me in my sexy black dress. As soon as he finished his speech, BDK and I escaped up to his private wing. I could not keep my hands off his thick, heavy dick and buff physique. His muscles and anaconda were bulging through his clothes. I unbuckled Papi King’s brand new Gucci pants exposing his custom-made, diamond encrusted white compression shorts. The print of anaconda barely contained by BDK’s compression shorts had my pussy ready to squirt. I warned big daddy that all the haters with tiny little weenuses would turn green with penis envy. Big Daddy and I laughed as we went live and I showered Papi King’s anaconda with ruby red rainbow kisses, while thanking BDK for being so generous and amazing! My mouth watered matching my BDK-craving cunt. I begged the living legend to taste anaconda. BDK unleashed my giant friend and I kissed and sucked the head and shaft of his anaconda until all 13 ½ inches were shiny with spit. I motorboated and licked and sucked Papi King’s balls while I stroked his 2 1⁄2 inch wide cock with both hands. My pussy was throbbing, waiting to be deepstroaked by BDK. “Please fuck me, Papi King,” I pleaded. “Pretty, pretty, please! I want you soooo bad!” I moaned in between licks, sucks, and strokes. BDK gently commanded me to bend over. I did as I was told. I felt anaconda pressing into my tight, slippery pink slit. I moaned louder and deeper as BDK pushed his anaconda further inside me. My ivory ass jiggled as his big round balls slapped against me. I felt my sweet cum juices starting to gush. My pussy juices squirted and gushed as I screamed “Black Lives Matter!” I begged BDK to creampie my hot squirting pussy. He shot his giant load of billionaire nut sauce inside my leaking slit. I thanked my Black King of all Kings for blessing me with his superior anaconda and the honor of being in his presence.

He Found My Hot Mommy Pics

Mommy phone sexMy son found the pics of my hot squirting pussy that I stashed in my room. I walked in on him rubbing his 10 inch cock while sniffing my panties. Most mommy’s would be embarrassed or upset if they caught their sonshine in such an unusual predicament, but not this p-mommy. I told my sweet boy that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. I sucked his hard cock while he stared at my pics to prove that I wasn’t mad. When his cock was wet and sticky with pre-cum, I asked was he ready to fuck mommy’s pussy. He shook his head yes and I sat on his engorged cock. I grinded my hips slowly on his cock at first. When his cock was deep inside my milf cunt, I began to bounce up and down on his wide fuckstick. “Cum in mommy’s pussy, baby” I moaned loudly. And like a good boy, he squirted his creamy cum juice in my wet, bald pussy.

Watch the Throne: Property of BDK

I had been on cloud 9 since Big Daddy King chose me to be one of his sugar babies. Not only that, his 13 ½ inch, coke-bottle thick anaconda still had my kitty purring. I’d spend hours on Google and Instagram looking at pictures, and reading all about my King’s successes and victories both past and present, on the field and off. Just thinking of how lucky I was to be the property of Papi King himself would have me rubbing and caressing my juicy, white kitty until I squirted like a water hose. Little did I know, I would be back in his presence, worshiping the King of ALL Kings sooner than I imagined. I answered the call on the first ring as soon as Papi King’s name flashed on the screen. “Hiiii Big Daddy King!!!” I sang into the receiver. My kitty immediately got wet. It turns out Papi King had been thinking about me. When BDK invited me to his mansion in Texas, there was no way I didn’t hesitate. Three hours later I was in the back seat of one of his many chrome black limousines heading to Texas. The thought of spending a whole weekend in a luxurious mansion coupled with the fact that I knew BDK had planned all of this just for me, had me hornier than I’ve ever been before. The truth was I had fallen head over heels for Big Daddy and his delicious BBC. I’ve fucked plenty of white dick and they could never measure up to Big Daddy King! When we pulled up to his massive mansion, BDK was standing out front in his Gucci pants and shirt waiting for me. As soon as the driver opened my door, I squealed “Big Daddy King!” I ran over and jumped in my King’s huge muscular arms as we embraced in a tight hug. He put me down and I immediately dropped to my knees thanking him and his massive pet snake for inviting me. BDK is such a thoughtful, giving Daddy!

Daddys girl phone sexPapi King walked me inside and I marveled at all of the beautiful art, statues, and furniture. BDK led me to his golden throne room, where a throne made of diamonds and gold stood. I was in awe. I loved everything about this royal room. BDK walked me over to a closet that was filled with shopping bags. Then he handed me a beautiful bag that had my name on the front. I opened it and found a black g-string with the words “Property of BDK ” on the front and $10,000 cash. “Thank you so so much, Papi King!” I couldn’t contain my bursting gratitude any longer. I unbuckled his Gucci pants revealing his thick, long, heavy imprint in his white custom made compression shorts, and led my king over to his throne. I pushed him down and started giving his royal anaconda bright red rainbow kisses. I repeatedly thanked my Beautiful, Black King as I kissed his hardening cock. I knew that seeing me on my knees kissing, licking, and sucking a true BBC King would piss off all those haters out there and that’s exactly what we wanted. Papi King went live as I begged him for a deepthroat tonsil massage. His anaconda made both sets of lips watery. BDK pulled down his compression shorts as I held his massive snake with two hands. I tongue kissed and sucked on his royal fuckstick until pre-cum leaked out the tip. He stood me up and turned me over, making sure to get a good look at this white, juicy ass. I arched my back and prepared for my pink, silky slit to be stretched wide by the anaconda. BDK counted to three and pushed his huge 13 ½ inch BBC inside my tight, bald pussy. This living legend cock was the biggest and best I’ve ever had. I felt myself about to drown the anaconda in my juices. Papi King started deep stroking my pussy and I could no longer hold it in. I loved being blacked and deepstroked by the King. I begged his majesty to fill my pretty cunt with his billionaire nut sauce. I craved to be his creampie princess. “Please cum in my pussy, Big Daddy King” I moaned loudly as my pussy pulsated. Papi King granted my wish and filled up my hot squirting kitty with his rich, creamy cum sauce. “Thank you so much, Your Highness,” I whispered as I laid my head in my king’s lap. He stroked my soft hair and smiled.

This Money Mistress Requires Tithes

Financial domination phone sex

When you reached out to me because you needed financial advice, I knew just the kind of services to provide. It gets so boring being the CEO, making all the decisions, calling EVERY shot. Having all that power is great but what you really want is someone who can handle controlling you. Someone who knows just the right things to say to put you in your little pathetic paypig place. You need a hot, badass, Cash Mistress to dominate and rule over how much you spend and when you spend it. I know how much you yearn to show your Money Mommy what a committed, dedicated cash slave you are. Nothing would get you off more than paying your tithes as soon as that direct deposit hits your account because we both know that you were born to be Mommy’s subservient, finsub piggy. I’m here to make sure you honor your cash slave birthright. Get ready to serve your Cash Mistress by showering me with the tributes and gifts I deserve. I will bring you to the climax you spend all day fantasizing about when I squeeze your fat wallet and milk you for everything you have. You can reward me for being such a deserving mistress by getting on your knees in public and kissing my black, leather thigh- high stiletto boots. See how I just made your cock jump. I told you I know exactly how to turn you on my good little paypiggy. Now let your mistress take you all the way…. to the bank that is! 

Sexy Cash Master Needs a New Paypig

Financial domination phone sex

This findomme needs a new paypig to rule over. More gift slaves means more tributes, and those recurring deposits mean multiple orgasms for my hot squirting pussy. I remember the first time I collared my first slave. We met on one of those sugar daddy/ sugar baby websites. He was looking for some young slut to spoil and I was looking for a paycheck. We started chatting and it wasn’t long before he was completely infatuated with me. He would tell me all the time how much it would please him to give me all the pretty privileges I deserved. He was a simp that wanted nothing more than to take care of all my needs. I didn’t give a shit what he wanted. I had one goal and that was to rape his wallet and completely drain him. I mind-fucked and rinsed my loaded finsub for months. I wouldn’t even respond to his chats unless he sent me a tribute first. In no time at all he became my submissive cashslave. He would get so horny from the brutal weekly raping of his wallet. And I was enjoying every moment of bringing him to the edge of financial ruin. I knew I had to have more. I started collecting human ATMs like Pokémon cards. I just have to drain them all. I love to study and learn each one of my paypigs. I get deep inside their unique, individual desires. Once I get inside their heads, I dive deeper inside their wallet. This lifestyle is not for everyone and it takes a certain type of master to control a cashslave. Luckily for you, I’m an experienced Cash Master who wants to dominate your finances. The rare opportunity to be my finsub bitch doesn’t present itself everyday but I’m confident that you’re ready to make the necessary sacrifices for this alpha pussy.

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