I’m Shelia a hot, sexy, horny, trophy wife. I married a man way older than me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband; he is kind, wealthy and spoils me like a princess. It’s just he can no longer keep up with my voracious sexual appetite. He is in his 50s now with high blood pressure and his dick just doesn’t get hard like it did when we were first married. I’m in my sexual prime and I wanna fuck all the time. Luckily for me, he wants me happy, so he will not deny me the cock I need, not even from his strapping young sons. He understands they are his sexual surrogates and sometimes even enjoys watching me play with his offspring. When we married, I became the step mom to his 3 boys. I had horny teen age boys stealing my panties, spying on me in the shower, jacking off where I would catch them, and bringing their equally horny friends over. When I got in my 30s, it was harder to resist their charms; I mean their hard cocks. I had a hubby who couldn’t fuck anymore and 3 well hung boys under the same roof. What would any woman do? Every woman should be so lucky to fuck a teen boy!
And, because I am a trophy wife, I don’t have a real job which means I can troll all day for dick, and even some pussy. Luckily for me, hard cock is easy to find when you are a slut wife with a rocking body and lots of time on your hands. Not only do I have my 3 teenage step sons and their friends; but I got my hot black lawn guy with his huge ass cock, my personal trainer, my husband’s college age employees, my neighbors, my friends’ husbands, my stepsons’ teachers… I even lick pussy and love it. I often enjoy a threesome where I can snowball some cum or even just some quality girl time with tongue, fingers and a double headed dildo. Really, I will fuck anyone, anytime; but I do prefer young studs, married guys and those big black dicks. I fuck several times a day; I am such a slut. I have this little job not because I need it, but because I like talking about sex almost as much as I like doing it. Hot phone sex allows me to share my sexual exploits and role play those nasty fantasies I have yet to explore.
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