Master Created the Perfect Pain Slave

BDSM phone sex

My new fucktoy is turning this cheating whore into the perfect submissive pain princess. When he told me he wanted to own my soul, I had no idea that it would entail him turning me into his rope bunny, shoving a ball gag in my mouth, and inflicting me with more pain than I knew I could handle. I’m in no way complaining because this type of torture is exactly what I need to make my pussy squirt it’s juicy nectar like a water hose. Since I can clearly remember, I’ve always liked pain and bondage. When I was little my daddy used to hogtie and violate my tiny pussy. I guess after years of being daddy’s mini fuck slave, I learned to enjoy being bound. Daddy was gentle, kind, and loving otherwise. Not like my new fucktoy master. I have to earn his kindness through my endurance of the pain and abuse he inflicts. Once I prove that I can fully submit to his will and relinquish my obedient soul, that is when my new master will show his affection and render his tender aftercare rewards.Hardcore ass fucking

Master is a gentle and generous sadist who knows that my pussy is his pain playground. He knows how to hurt me until I cry, scream, cum and beg for more. At that point there’s no denying that he is my one true Master and he is in total control of this subby MILF. Master’s thick cock gets rock-hard as he accepts his place as the rightful owner of my slippery cunt. My complete helplessness and full dependence on my Master, even to turn my head, is enough to make his massive cock leak creamy pre-cum. I beg my master to leave his mark. I need him to solidify his complete dominance over me. He obliges my request to be marked by ramming his cock into my tight pussyhole and dumping his huge cumload inside me. I’m finally marked as his submissive slave breeder whore. After we’re done he’ll leave me here restrained so that I don’t ever forget my place as his fuck slave. He may even let you come in and brutalize my fuckholes too. Watching his property be used by other studs boosts Master’s confidence. No matter how good those other cocks drill my pussy. It will always belong to my Master. Knowing this makes Masters’ massive cock throb with pure satisfaction and delight.Pain slut phone sex

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