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Fetish Phone Sex Cum Slut

fetish phone sex

If prudes got over themselves and put “fuckalicious freak” in the dictionary, my picture would be right there. That’s why men love calling me for fetish phone sex all the time. When you have an intelligent woman who is also a dirty fucking whore, well, you’ve got the perfect recipe for a slut you can have your way with. Do you think you could handle a woman like me? Most men think they can, but I’ve been told by SO many men that I wear them out with my sexual appetite. That’s why I must have so many lovers – both in person and over the phone.

What kind of fetishes do you love? Are you into watching a woman get fucked by big black cock? I hope so because I really love cuckold fantasies. Maybe you even want to get fucked by them, too. I’m into gangbangs, humiliation (me or you – it’s all good), sissy training and transformation, and even a little bit of BDSM. There’s so much more than that, but now you have an idea of what gets my hot little cunt going. Are you game to cross into the dark side? I don’t see why you wouldn’t be. I’m the perfect girl to get you off, no matter what you need.

Big Tit Fucking Phone Slut

big tit fucking

How would you like to slide that thick cock between these juicy melons? I love titty fucking and when you call me for big tit fucking phone sex, I promise that even though you’re on the phone, you’re going to feel like I’m right there with you. I love to squirt lube on my jugs and then squeeze them together so you can get your cock in there really good. Sometimes I can even manage to rub my nipples while you’re titty fucking me and it makes me have a delicious orgasm. Have you ever made a woman cum while fucking her boobs? I want to hear about it!

But the part of it that I REALLY love is when a hot load of cum gets squirted all over my tits. Just watching those strings of jizz squirt out and onto my boobs and even sometimes my face…man that really gets me going again. So I hope that you can cum more than once in a short period because I’m going to need your dick in my cunt after you fuck my tits. Or I guess you could get down there and lick me till I cum all over your face. The choice is yours.

Creampie Phone Sex Freak

creampie phone sex

I love it when a man shoots his load deep inside me in real life and when I’m on the phone for creampie phone sex, I get the same kind of thrill. There are several reasons why I love it. First, I don’t know – it just feels so incredibly primal when a man busts a nut inside me. I like to really wrap my legs around his back and pull him as deep inside me as he possibly can. Just looking down between my legs after he pulls is cock out really turns me on so fucking much and I usually want to fuck again.

But there’s another reason that I love creampies and I bet if you think really hard, you can figure out what it is. I LOVE having a submissive man crawl up between my legs to lick the cum out of my pussy. Guys like that aren’t good enough to fuck me, but they are definitely good enough to be my little pansy assed clean up boys. Do you think that you’re good enough to give me a creampie, or would you be the one down between my legs cleaning up for a protein filled snack?

Cum Shots On Tits Haunted Competition

cum shots on tits

Every single year, I help out a friend with his local haunted house attraction. He always tries to pay me, but I tell him that all I really need is tons of cum. I love cum shots on tits, ass, or anywhere else they want to blow their loads. There are a LOT of single men, or men without their girlfriends, who come through haunted houses. They’re excited and the blood is flowing and then there’s pretty little me who is there and ready to take care of any sexual need they might have and I do it so perfectly.

Sometimes I get lucky and a whole group of young men come through and I get to fuck every single one of them. That means shot after shot of sticky, gooey jizz all over me and it makes me happier than anyone will ever be able to understand, except another cum slut, of course. So if you want to hear more about my Halloween hijinks, then you should pick up the phone and let me tell you about how I make perfect strangers happy on the most spooky night of the year. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it so don’t keep me waiting.

Financial Domination Phone Sex With Lacey

financial domination phone sex

I’m the kind of woman men would mortgage a house for (yes, seriously) so it would make sense that I get a lot of calls for financial domination phone sex. Men just naturally want to give me everything and I have a feeling that you are going to end up the same way. You’ve stopped to read this, so I know you’re already thinking about ways to be able to afford to give me everything I deserve. Sell things, get extra jobs, open new credit accounts. I am worth all of that and then some, so don’t even try to lowball me. It will upset me, and you won’t like that version of me.

So, I think we should play a little game. There is only one rule for this game: you give me everything I want, and then MAYBE you’ll get to play with your cock while we talk. But only if I’m satisfied in every single way first. So, if you think you can handle some financial domination with a Goddess like me, then by all means, pick up the phone and give me a call. I’ll be waiting patiently to take everything you have and then some.

Breeding Phone Sex Freak

breeding phone sex

I have this really hot fantasy that I’d love to tell you about, if you don’t mind me getting a little freaky. I have been getting so turned on lately and it’s been that way ever since I had a breeding phone sex call recently. He told me that my only job in life should be being bred by big fat black cocks. I’m so used to using protection against pregnancy but feeling my stomach swell with child is just something that I cannot seem to get out if my head. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this turned on. 

Maybe you’re a cuckold husband or boyfriend and you’d love nothing more than seeing my pussy fucked and filled up with sticky loads of cum. Well, that and waiting to see if I got knocked up after getting bred by that bull cock. How would you feel if I did get pregnant and you had to watch my stomach grow bigger as his seed grows inside me? Would you feel excitement, humiliation, or both? Why don’t you just go ahead and call me up so we can talk about all how you want me to be bred? I am ready for you!

Blasphemy Phone Sex Goddess

blasphemy phone sex

Some people might wonder how the fuck blasphemy phone sex is something that would even turn anyone on. Meanwhile, I’m over here wondering why it wouldn’t!!! If you think about it, Christianity is the ultimate in controlling other people. So, if you’ve always gone to church on Sundays and worshiped God, you’re exactly the kind of person who needs to call me for religious blasphemy.  You have been controlled for so long and you need to just get it all out of your system.  So, what you need to do is get on the phone and give me a call.

See, you know that the Dark Lord is going to give you better orgasms than that so-called Christian God. That God doesn’t even want you to have them in the first place. Just imagine what nutting is going to feel like once you start to worship the one who cares about your cum. I don’t think you’ll ever go back to the other way of doing things. Once you have your first blasphemous orgasm, you will never want to have a watered-down experience ever again. All you have to do to get everything you’ve dreamed of is call me and I’ll help you see the light. There’s no greater orgasm than the ones possessed by Beelzebub himself.

In Need Of Some Cock Control?

cock control

You know I am always up for anything, but something that always gets me uber excited is when I get to do a little bit of cock control. See, a lot of you dumb assholes don’t know how to use your cock anyway. You jerk off too fast. You fuck too quickly, and you most certainly blow your loads way too soon. So, what you need is a hottie like me to help you learn how to keep that fuck stick in check. You might think I’m being a bitch right now and that’s okay. You’re just going to miss out on learning how to make any woman you fuck really happy.

You’re probably going to be mad that I am going to give you lessons on how to stroke your very own cock, but I don’t give a fuck. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need some help. So you can either be mad and keep on being a bad lover, or you can call me and I will give you exactly what you need to make women beg for your cock. We both know you’re feeling intrigued and more importantly aroused. It’s time to learn how to use that cock of yours. 

Drugs Phone Sex Addict

drugs phone sex

I’m in the mood to get really fucked up and have some wild and crazy drugs phone sex. How about you? Do you want to get stoned with me? You’d be shocked by the number of people who say they’ve never gotten high and fucked? I think that’s a crying shame! Everything feels so much better when you’re all messed up. Imagine how amazing it would be to feel like you’re floating through the air and fucking at the same time? To me, that’s what feels like. So, if you’ve never had an orgasm while you’re high, you really don’t know what you are missing.

I’ve done some crazy things in bed while on drugs. I have tried new things that I never thought I would. So, if you’re looking for a way to lose your inhibitions and have the time of your life trying new things, I think this would be the most perfect thing for you. And if you need a little encouragement along the way, don’t worry. I will be there to push you and enjoy the ride with you. Just grab the drugs and your phone and give me a call for some really wild fun!

Biggest Cum Shot Competition

biggest cum shot

I was at a party last weekend and the guys there decided that they would have a contest to see who could shoot the biggest cum shot on my face. You know me – I’m a slut and I was super down for it. I got right down on my knees, and I sucked cock after cock. I was kind of sad that I didn’t get to suck the cum out of their dicks, but them making messes on my face was pretty fucking hot, too. And I got to scoop them up and eat them off my fingers when they were done, so all wasn’t lost.

I’m not sure how many guys there were. I lost track and it didn’t matter to me. I was having the best time ever. They finally judged (they took pictures of every load on my face) and the winner won the best prize ever – he got to fuck my ass and then stick his cock down my throat for me to clean it up. Don’t tell anyone, but I would have done that anyway! I didn’t need a contest. But I’m glad because I got to have a stomach full of jizz that night. Wanna hear all the details? I’m here, ready to tell you!

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