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Bisexual Phone Sex Is So Fucking Hot

bisexual phone sex

Being a bisexual phone sex girl is a lot of fun! I basically get to fuck whoever I want, whenever I want. If I’m attracted to a guy, I’ll spread my legs for him. If I’m attracted to a girl, I might tell her to spread her legs for me. But when I get really lucky, I get to have both of those things at the same time. If you’ve ever had a threesome, you know just how fucking hot they can be. I love being bent over with a dick in my cunt and a cunt in my face.

And you know, one of the best things about the whole experience is when the dude shoots a creamy load balls deep inside me and then I get to climb right up on her face and she eats the cum out of me. That always makes me cum all over her face and then there’s double the cum for her to slurp up. Do you have a bisexual fantasy or would you like to hear more about my experiences? Either way, I’m here – ready and waiting to get your cock hard. All you have to do is grab your phone and lube and call me!

Lacey Is a Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum slut phone sex

If you doubt that I love cum as much as I say I do, you need to get on the phone immediately and call me for cum slut phone sex. I know I can convince you of it if you hear me talk about all the dirty things I’ve done. Gang bangs are my favorite because that means I get a lot of cum. The jizz of just one guy isn’t ever enough for me. I need it all. I want it on my face, in my mouth, on my tits, in my cunt and my asshole, too – Everywhere. Mmmm.

Would you love to hear about the first gang bang I ever had? I was really young and it was with a bunch of my dad’s poker buddies. Daddy lost me in a poker game – can you believe that?? He was kind of upset at first, but once he saw how much fun I was having, he relaxed and I think he even managed to have a good time himself. Yes, of course, I have more lurid details to share with you, but this isn’t the time or place. Get your lube ready and give me a call so I can tell you what a cum slut I am.

My Wet Bald Pussy Is Dripping With Anticipation

wet bald pussy

I bet you’re dying to get ahold of this wet bald pussy, aren’t you? I might be young, but I know how to please you and I’ll make sure I do a damn good job of it. I learned how to use my pussy to make men happy at a young age and I’ve only gotten better at it with time. I’ve been fucked a lot, but my pussy is still so tight that it will fit your cock like it was made just for you. It’ll squeeze your cock and make you cum so hard. I hope you’ll shoot your load deep inside my pussy because I really love that.

So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you excited to hear all about the nasty things I’ve done to men? Don’t you want to know about the first time a man put his big cock in my tight bald pussy? I can’t wait to tell you every dirty detail about that night. He told me I was so tight he could barely even get his cock inside me. But he did and it was magical. So grab your lube and call me. I want to get dirty with you, baby!

Adult Phone Chat Is For The Big Boys

adult phone chat

I’ve been called the perfect fuck slut, so it makes sense that I’m also very good at adult phone chat. Yeah, I am bragging about myself because I know I make men cum harder than they ever have in their lives – on the phone, too. When you call me, I want you to close your eyes while I tell you in perfect detail about everything I’d do to you. And don’t worry – I’m not some dainty little thing who can’t take a nice, hard fucking. I LOVE it when you rough me up. I want you to slam my cunt so hard I will have a hard time sitting tomorrow.

But don’t worry – even with a sore cunt, I’d still let you fuck me again tomorrow. Just because I’m in pain doesn’t mean we don’t need to cum. I’m more than happy to please you any day, any time. So tell me how you’d fuck my pretty pussy. Or maybe you’d rather bend me over and shove your cock in my tight asshole. I don’t care if it hurts – just ram it in and make yourself feel good. I’m ready and waiting to hear what you’ll do to my body.

Phone Sex Demands An Open Mind, Baby

phone sex

Phone sex can be a lot of different things for different people. Some people might be content with a “normal” sex call and that’s totally all they need. But I’ve found that that is not the majority of people, though. Most people want to talk about some particular incident that happened to them and they want to relive it. Either that or they have a fantasy about something they haven’t done yet but would love to do. And those are the people I get excited to talk to. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had someone you could tell your deepest, darkest fantasies to? Well, you do now. I’m your girl.

Tell me about the time you saw your sister’s titties and went to your room to jerk off about it. Tell me about the time you just wondered what panties would feel like if you were wearing them and you didn’t want to take them off after you’d put them on. Tell me about the first time you were humiliated and your cock got hard, despite you feeling upset about it. I’m here for all of that and more. I’m completely open-minded and have no limits, so you are safe here!

Sissy Phone Sex Freak

sissy phone sex

God, I’m really in the mood to dress up a hot slut, so you really need to call me for sissy phone sex soon! I can work with any level sissy – from a beginner to a hardcore cock sucking slut. And I love really sticking it to those sissy sluts with my fat strap on or even making them suck big cock for real. But if you’re a sissy who doesn’t know exactly how to get started, I can help you with that. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

What part of being a sissy do you look forward to the most? Do you dream of getting dressed up head to toe and going out on the town so everyone can get a good look at you? Maybe you’d rather just dress in panties at home and fuck your own pussy with a dildo. Or maybe you want me to get you dressed up and find you a cock to suck and be fucked by. Whatever level of being a sissy you’re at, just pick up the phone and call me so we can have some fun!

Hot Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex

I think you probably already know that I’m a babysitter phone sex slut. But what you might not know is that I don’t just fuck the dads I babysit for. Nope, I sometimes like to seduce the moms. And it’s usually pretty easy. They feel so underappreciated that all you have to do is tell them they’re pretty, sexy, or even smart and that gets their panties all wet. The first time I seduced a woman I babysat for, it was my first time ever with a woman. I’d been thinking about it for a long time and decided to go for it.

She was a gorgeous redhead and sometimes I helped her pick out clothes, so I’d seen her in her panties and bra a bunch of times. One day when she was trying on clothes in front of me, I just walked over to her, told her how hot she looked in her thong, and kissed her. Well, that’s all it took and she was moaning my name while I was rubbing her crotch. I pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs, and started licking her cunt through her panties. We had a wild afternoon together and it was wonderful. She still calls me and that was several years ago. Wanna hear what I did that made her go crazy? 

Hot Steamy Phonesex


I’ve been masturbating all day and I am tired of playing by myself! I need you to call me for some really freaky phonesex. I’ve said it before that all fantasies are welcome, but I really want to talk to guys today who like to get dark and twisty. I want to hear from those of you who have done some really fucked up things. Sure, you can tell me about what you WANT to do, but I really need to hear about the things you have experience with.

Did you fuck one of your family members? Probably that hot little cousin who kept sitting on your lap and wiggling around – not knowing what she was doing. Or did she? Young girls can be such teases, even when they are innocent. Did you fantasize about fucking your Sunday school teacher until you finally caved in and bent her over the table and fucked her? She probably needed it, huh? She was probably one of the dirtiest sluts you’ve ever encountered. No matter who you want to talk about or what you want to talk about, I’m the phone sex girl for you. Come on, baby! Let’s get nasty together now!

Adult Phone Chat With a Phone Slut

adult phone chat

It’s been a long fucking day and I am ready for some adult phone chat. And I’m kind of in the mood to be more sensual than normal. Yeah, it’s always a blast to be banged hard and fast and to do crazy things in bed, but that’s not what I want right now. I want you to get me naked, put me in my bed, and ravish me. I want to be licked, sucked on, and kissed over every single inch of my body. I mean, a body like this absolutely deserved to be worshiped. I think you’d agree – either that or you’d be wrong.
You can even tie me up to my bed if you want. Tease me a little. Bring me to the edge of orgasm with your mouth and then stop. Do it a few times until an orgasm that cannot be stopped builds and explodes. After I cum all over your face, I want you to kiss me and let me taste myself. Then, I want you to crawl between my legs and slide that long, hard cock all the way inside me. Make love to me until I cum all over your cock and you blow your load inside me.

Versatile Phone Sex Whore

phone sex

One of the reasons I love phone sex is because it’s so versatile. You can take it in so many different directions and customize it to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. I think that’s fucking beautiful. And if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, that’s okay. There are SO many fantasies, fetishes, and roleplays that you can choose from. Don’t be shy – I want to know what really makes your cock hard. What is the one thing you don’t dare let yourself think about when you’re in public because you know you’re going to pop a boner as soon as it enters your mind? Let’s talk about that.
Of course, I do have my own fantasies and if you want, I’ll tell you. But I’d rather focus on what you want today. I want to make you cum harder than anyone has ever made you cum. I want you to feel the ache in your balls grow until you finally explode. Hey, I can’t help it – I’m a giver. So whenever you’re ready to experience phone sex as you’ve never experienced it before, get on the phone and give me a call.

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