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My pussy is soaking wet! I got cummed on so many times today! I enjoyed every last cock I got fucked by. I chose to be different and wrote a sign that said I am a fuckaliciosfreak. Below that it said you may insert cock for 25 cents with an arrow pointing to the right. I did all this on a hiking trail behind my old high school. I just wanted to feel all different size cocks. I honestly favored them all. Just thinking of a dick in my pussy makes me get real freaky. You won’t believe how much foot traffic my pussy has had today. I made $152.00 in quarters which means I had 600 and 8 cocks inside me today. All different sizes and ages. Oh my god men were lining up just to insert in me. I was able to get the unhappy man a divorce after he realized how boring his lazy wife is and I was able to bring youth and joy into that old man’s heart. I believe that my pussy is a healer that brings wisdom into your freaky world. Lonely and horny? call to cum with Gabrielle I’m for everybody.

A White Cock Fest

Big tit fucking


I wish I had someone right now to fuck their lights out. I want to suck their cock play with their balls and give them a rim job. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he will be just as nasty as me. He will allow me to put my fingers up his ass while I ride him like a Harley. Once I get him loose enough I’ll take my 8in pink cock and penetrate his ass while he fucks me. I’ll give him my purple cock to use in my ass while he fucks me deep in my pussy. We can have so much fun fucking! I’m super horny right now just the thought of sex alone is making me hot. I’m feeling on my tits and fat juicy pussy. I really just need someone to come and fuck me. You can bring a friend if you’d like or three. Call me so we can fuck until the sun comes up.

My Wet Bald Pussy

Anal Phone SexOn my way to the gas station I saw a group of guys.. They all started whistling and shouting “hey sexy” “wow I like your fat ass” “Damn those tits are huge”… I flipped my hair & looked back and said none of you can handle this! I had on a super short black pencil dress with a black lace thong underneath. I didn’t wear a bra that day because I wanted my perky nipples to show through my dress. One of the guys shouted “shut up you cum whore.” I walked over to him and grabbed him by his balls. I said you wish I was a cum whore you wouldn’t last more than 2 mins in my FAT — TIGHT — JUICY pussy. One of the other guys walked over and smacked my ass. The 3rd guy was like “How sure are you about that? You smart mouth slut how about we all fuck you right here for stepping on our turf. We will teach you a lesson you little bitch.” At that moment I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. Omg! The first guy whipped out his BBC. It was massive!!! He grabbed me by my hair and told me to bend over and suck it with my ass up. I got so turned on with the aggression and the thought of these 3 BBC’s taking advantage of me.. While he was ramming his cock in my throat his buddy slid my dress up, put my panties to the side and started ramming his cock deep in my pussy. Oh My God!!!!! my pussy was dripping everywhere. While I was sucking his cock and being fucked by his friend I was stroking the 3rd guy all i was thinking was I can’t wait for these guys to triple penetrate me… They gang banged fucked me for hours. Oh my god just thinking about it right now is making my pussy pulse. I AM SO HORNY! I am such a Cum whore & I love it!!!

Cum Slut Phone Sex BBW Party Whore

Party? I am always up for a party baby, so I happily agreed. I smoked a bowl while he was on his way. Horny as hell I answered the door and grabbed him in. First date? I have no morals. I was totally down to fuck. I walked him to my room and shut the door. Removed my dress and started to undress him. As I took off his boxers a massive dick was staring back at me. My pussy jumped with excitement, and I devoured it. Opened my mouth wide and took him deep. I didn’t even come up for air. Gagging and choking and my mascara watering. All the signs of a true cock slut. I held his balls as they tightened and felt the warm thick streams go down my throat. I licked my lips as I laid beside him. I spread my legs and pointed to my freshly waxed wet juicy cunt. Eat me like I am your last meal baby, I told him. He licked and I shoved his face down and grinded my hips against his face until I had filled his face with my warm hot cum. Then he laid beside me, and I started stroking him for round two.

Cum slut phone sex

BBW Phone Sex Nasty Freak Slut

I am a nasty freaky slut, but I am not a good employee. I constantly show up late and take lots of breaks. Unsurprisingly my boss called me into his office to discuss my shortcomings. I didn’t like my job but I needed it so I did what any whore would do. I decided to use my body as a way to express my apologies. He called me in, and I sat across from him. As he rambled about all the days, I was late and the length of my breaks I slowly moved my legs apart making my skirt go up a little more. I leaned back in my chair so he wouldn’t be able to miss. I conveniently wore no panties and had a fresh shaven plump pussy for him to see. He looked and I stood up and leaned over him. Asking to show me my file. I let my breasts rub against his back. My nipples hard as rock. I asked if I could possibly make this up to him. He started on his advice as I turned him around in his chair. I took my shirt off and slipped off my skirt. With not a work said I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his big cock out. With no hesitation at all I spit on his cock and deep throated him. When he was leaking pre-cum, I laid back on his desk and he stood and rammed his cock deep inside me. Needless to say, I didn’t lose my job. I still fuck around with breaks and being late, but I make sure to visit him every Friday.

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Looking For A One Night Stand

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My girlfriends called and wanted to go do a girls night out. I was down, to find me a one night stand of course. I was wearing the sluttiest outfit I could find. We went out to my favorite night club. Couldn’t wait to get drunk and see what guy wanted to take advantage of me. I was already 5 drinks in and out on the dance floor showing off all my best moves. Then here he comes, my victim and he was ready to take me home. He took me to his hotel room and laid it all out for him on the couch. My pussy was already wet, I was ready for some big hard dick. He pulled it out and from the looks of it, he was ready too. I bent over on the couch and he pushed his big hard dick deep inside me. I moaned so loud, feeling his big fat dick deep inside me. Couldn’t wait for him to full up my pussy with his warm cum!

I Love Being Spanked

Spanking phone sex

I love being spanked. I’ve been a very naughty girl! We were having some fun in the bedroom. You had me naked with my legs spread open, rubbing my little clit. Teasing me, making me all wet and ready for ya! That’s when it happen. My hot pussy squirted all on you! You’re eyes lit up with excitement looking at all of my wetness all over the bed. Your big dick got so hard so fast. You were just ready to stick it my hot squirting pussy, teasing me with the tip of your hard dick. But first you had to spank me for making such a big mess on the bed. So you flipped me over and spanked my sexy ass three times! I grunted with every hit. Then you placed your hard dick deep inside me from behind and fucked me so hard that I squirted again. And that’s when you cummed all inside me. Fill me up buttercup!

Phone Sex Slut is Back

phone sexThis phone sex slut is back! Did you miss me? I was escorting for a while, but I got tired of living out of a suitcase. Sure, I visited some beautiful places and got wined and dined by wealthy men, but it is nice to be back home. I made enough money in a few months escorting to set me up for a while, but a girl can never have enough money, right? I still have sugar daddies, but now I am back on the phones too. I even got a job at a local gentleman’s club. The traditional workforce can’t handle me, but the adult industry loves me. Last night was my first night at the club. I am a sexy BBW. I embrace my curves. I am the club’s first full-figured diva. I was the star of the club on my first night much to the ire of the skinny seasoned bitches. I may not be popular with the other strippers, but the club’s patrons love me. At least last night they did. Mark is a club VIP. I guess all the girls vie for his attention because not only is he nice, but he is loaded and spoils his girls. He had me in the VIP room all night. It was my first night too. I gave him a lap dance and he gave me the world. Okay, he gave me his cock and lots of money, maybe not the world. But we are off to a great start. I had him wrapped around my finger as I shook my big tits and ass in his face. I had to bounce on his cock because it was huge. Many guys in strip clubs don’t have such nice cocks. I drained his balls and his wallet. It’s great to be appreciated.

I got some major action

bbw phone sexThis BBW phone sex fetish queen got major cock action last night. I was at this party with a bunch of skinny stuck up sluts and a few really hot guys. I was wearing my cut off shorts and my huge tits were hanging out. Of course the men flocked to me and I flirted hardcore. This fat piggy whore needed dick like yesterday.  I take a shot of tequila and tell two of these hot titty loving hunks to meet me in the pool house in five minutes. I strip and a few minutes tick by and not two buy five hard and horny men show up. I had two nice cocks between my tits one in my pussy and two smaller dicks fucking my fat rolls. I was a porky piggy fuck! My mouth was empty, and I demanded my throat be fucked in the rotation. I was obliged by a nice 8 inches of sausage jammed down my throat. I was having so much fun as I snorted and moaned around cock after cock. I felt my rolls and pussy being came in and I was in porking heaven. I got on all fours so my fat ass could join the rotation. I love being the center of a good fat girl gang bang.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex Neighbor

bbw phone sexI really love being a voyeur slut.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t flash my huge tits to someone. Today I was waiting for a very important package from my favorite sex toys site. I was waiting outside in nothing but a pair of shorts that barely covered my big round ass. My tiny tank top was not enough to cover my tits at all. I had fun bending down to pick weeds and flashing my sexy neighbor a little fat girl pussy cleavage while he washed his car. Too bad the Mrs. Came and escorted him in giving me evil looks. I can defiantly fuck better than that pile of bones. And here came the mail man joking that he was holding my package hostage. I grinned and asked what he wanted from me. I mean that as a very expensive jack-hammer rabbit 500 he was holding. I flashed him all my gorgeous tits and he almost gave me my package. My nipples were so hard, my fat pussy so wet. I gave up and invited my mail man in for some big titty fucking with my mouth sucking his tip till he blew his load on my tits. I had already come but was excited to use my new sex toy even so! I came rivers thinking about the neighbor and the mail man.

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