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Big Tit Photos Make Me Rich and Relevant

big tits photosBig tit photos have kept a roof over my head the past several months. I have a nice rack. I did not always have big tits, however. Without a boob job, I would be a barely B cup. I had a wealthy patron when I was 18 who gave me tits in exchange for some naked pictures. Little did I know back then that he would sell my pics over and over and make way more money than he gave me for my boob job. Rookie mistake. I was never mad at him, however, because my boobs have made me money over the years and gotten me out of trouble. Plus, those first pics when I was just barely legal made me an Internet sensation and I booked gig after gig. When I tried to get into fetish modeling at 18, I was turned down time after time because my tits were barely there. Jim turned me down and told me to get boobs and come back. When I cried to him about being a runaway and broke, he took me under his wings, got me boobs and once I was healed, made me famous in the fetish world. We are still friends. He came to visit me at the strip club this week. It was a surprise and because of masks, I did not recognize him until we were in the VIP room. It was a pleasant surprise. He had a gig for me. One that would pay well and right now, who does not want some extra money? He has a private dealer who wants some sexy bondage pictures. He wants the model to be tall, blonde and buxom. He knew just the slut for the job. I start filming on October 26th. I get to travel to Ohio. Not exactly exotic, but I am being put up in a nice Air B and B for a week and being paid $10,000 for a week of bondage. I do bondage phone sex, but the real thing is where the money is at. If I did not have such big tits, I would be poor, boring and unknown.

I Have Been Giving Hot PhoneSex Since I Was Jailbait

hot phonesexHot phonesex needs a hot babe. I have been in the adult industry in some form or another since I was a teen girl. I am 34 now, so I only know sex. I am not book smart, but I am sex smart. I know what men want and I know what they need. My first job I was not even old enough to have, but I looked older and I had a fake ID. I stole the purse of an older girl who looked like me hoping she would have a license that would have a picture that looked enough like me to use. I hit the jackpot. She was a truck stop hooker. When she got high in the bathroom, I stole her purse. She was 22 and a tall blonde. No one questioned me when I applied for a job at a truck stop dirty bookstore. I just wanted to sell DVDS and sex toys, but the owner thought I was hot and looked even younger than I was. He thought that I should dance in a cage. He had these booths in the back where girls danced naked in cages while men beat off. Customers would pay to keep the curtain open. They got 5 minutes for $5. I guess it was my first stripping job. I had run away from an abusive daddy and hooking on the street was dangerous. I just wanted to make some money daily so I could stay in a hotel until I saved up enough money to rent an apartment. I learned early on how to make men feel special. I learned how to suck cock and fuck like a much older girl. I have come a long way from those roadside attraction days, but I still make men feel good. I still make men have the biggest cum shot all over my sexy body.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex: Let’s Get off Together

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is so much fun. I mean I work at home. I talk dirty for a living. Why would I not want to get off at work? Plus, I love hearing men stroke their cocks for me. I feel like a cum therapist. I help men cum. The world right now needs more orgasms. So, I am happy to help men like you jack off. Last night, I partied with a guy. He had some strict rules for us. Every time he came, I had to cum. He did not want me to fake it. He wanted real orgasms. That is pretty easy to do if some one is concerned with my orgasms. Sadly, many men do not care if I get off or not. They nut and I am lucky if I even get a thank your or a goodbye. Most men just hang up after they cum. I am still not used to that. I guess it is because they hate pillow talk or spooning lol. I just want to know that our phone sex call got you off. I can do the gfe thing. I can be your sex slave. I can be your submissive whore. I can role play. And I can rub my bald pussy while you stroke your cock. I definitely want to get you off, but if we could get off together, I would love my job even more than I already do.

A Hot Squirting Pussy Needs a Big Dick

hot squirting pussyNot all men can give me a hot squirting pussy. When they do, they can fuck me again and again. It takes a big cock to make my pussy loose control. It happens though. Not all women can squirt, but then not all women have had big cocks. I never squirted until I had a cock bigger than a foot long. Let’s face it ladies, those kinds of cocks are hard to come by. My experience is that women will stay with assholes if they have a big dick. They will overlook cheating too. And they will fight their friends for a big cock. Not me. I can get big dick, so I can be selective and know there will be other big dicks in the sea. I have a bestie with a big dick ex-boyfriend. She took him to the curb because he cheated on her. Her ex-boyfriend has been hitting me up on social media. Sending me dick pictures. He has no shame. Hos before bros. I told her immediately. Her response was surprising. She told me to fuck him. She said he is a great lay and all women should fuck him at least once. She warned me not to give him money and not to date him though. He was the kind of man you just used for sex. I could do that, I thought. He came over last night, but I had a change of heart. He used my bestie for her money and cheated left and right on her and others. Sure, he has a big dick, but I am a hot babe. I have had the biggest cock known to women. I did not need this guy as much as he thought. He came over. What he discovered was me and my friend fucking two other guys. They did not have as big of cocks, but big enough to make us squirt. Nicer men too. Richer men who could afford to spoil us. Sometimes, men think all they need is a big dick. But hot women have no problem finding big dick. I would rather fuck a man a few inches smaller who treats me like a princess than a broke ass big dick loser any day.

Sometimes I Need Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexI am a sexy switch, but my roots are submissive phone sex. I think it is normal to become a bit more assured of yourself and dominant as you get older. I am not like some sadistic dominatrix, but I can talk back to men, demand they worship my pussy, or I can hurl some insults to small dick losers and Splenda daddies. I do get wet, however, when a worthy man takes charge and owns me. I was sharing submissive stories with a caller last night and got nostalgic for a master. I am in my 30s now and I think most men want younger slaves. I was looking at old fetish shoots I had done, and memories flooded back. About 10 years ago, I was in Ohio on a slave shoot. I used the photos for this job and the photographer paid me so he could sell my pictures to different fetish sites. I was in shackles and chains and my photographer popped a tent in his pants. I could not help but notice. I suggested before we finish the shoot, I take care of him. He grabbed my collar, pulled it tight and slapped my face. He unzipped his pants and skull fucked me while snapping pictures. He was my photographer, not my master, but I was turned on. I had a wet bald pussy thinking of him owning me like that. We had just met, and he was fucking me like a dirty bitch. That was the beginning of a long relationship. He has been my main photographer and punisher for years. We have no romantic connection, not even working together as long as we have. He knows I am a sex slave and he treats me like a dirty piece of ass. Some women want to be treated like princesses; some want to be treated like dirty whores.

I Put the Hot in Hot Ass Sex

hot ass sexI know how to put the hot in hot ass sex. I am a sexy switch. Who you are determines which side of me you get. If you have a little dick or you are a broke ass loser, you are not in charge of me. However, if you have a big dick and a big wallet, you can own me. Or, at least rent me for a few hours, LOL. This virus has affected me financially. The strip club was closed for months. Sugar daddies were benched from travelling. All my photo shoots were cancelled.  I still had my phone sex job, although it has been slower lately. I decided to get back into escorting. I have made financial arrangements with men in the past, just never done it long term or with much consistency. I am back in the game. A girl has to make a living right? Sex sells. Sex is repression and virus proof. I have used the club to meet clients. I get propositioned there constantly. The owner never minds if I moonlight. I am his biggest money maker. I make sure a man can afford me before I slip him my business card. I made a special arrangement with Tony last week. He spent thousands of dollars in the club on top shelf Tequila and lap dances. He had a Rolex and he was driving some Italian sports car. He is literally a brain surgeon. He is a neurologist who likes strippers and hookers. I slipped him my escort card and he wasted no time booking an appointment. Last night was our “date.” The money was wired to me through Venmo and he doubled my asking donation. Of course he wanted to give me a hardcore ass fucking in return. I did not say no, because money talks. I let him fuck my ass for hours. Turns out he pays escorts to fuck their asses because wives never let their husbands in their back doors. They do not know what they are missing. It is profitable to be an anal slut.

A Phone Sex Slut Getaway

phone sexI was built for phone sex. Look at me? Tall, blonde and stacked. My body was built for sin. I have never had an honest day’s work in my life. I have always been in the adult industry. Why not? I can make more money in the adult world than any of my friends can in the 9 to 5 world. One of my best friends is not an industry girl. We met ions ago when we realized we were dating the same married man. He lied to us both.  I have never been a caddy bitch. If a man lies to me, he will lie to another woman, so I never get mad at the girl. We got him back. We made a sex tape with a hung black lover of mine. Besides being a 2-timing liar, he also had an average dick and was a racist piece of shit. I am much smarter now in choosing lovers. Sherry and I have been thick as thieves ever since. We took a weekend getaway. We had this quaint Air B and B we rented for a concert, but since it is fucking 2020, it was postponed. Two hot babes in a different city? Hell, yes. Girls trip we decided. We thought we could get into some trouble, forgetting everything closes at 10 pm in Ohio. How much trouble could we get into before midnight, lol? So, on Friday night we found ourselves back at our cabin eating each other’s wet bald pussy. Not that we minded, but we wanted some big dick. Saturday night, however, we got smarter. We found a hip brewery and planted ourselves on the patio at 4 PM. Six hours of drinking at one place, we should be able to garner some attention. Boy, did we. Some baseball players were at the brewery. We did not know who they were, but other women did. There were some green-eyed 20 somethings who did not think two 30-somethings were hot enough for two pro baseball players. Silly girls. We brought them back to our Air B and B carriage house. When the owner tried to balk about more than 2 people in the place, our studs made their identities known. He knew who they were too, lol. Local celebrities. Our soon to be lovers signed some autographs, then we were in for the night taking care of hard bats and cum filled baseballs. Not a bad weekend for two 30 something babes.

Phone Sex Roleplay

phone sexI love erotic roleplaying. It is not just for phone sex either! I think couples should do sexy roleplays to spice up their love lives. Too many couples stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. BORING. Even though I change men like I change panties, I still like variety in the bedroom. This older man I see from time to time loves naughty little role plays too. He asked me if I could find a playmate for us. He had this fantasy of punishing two schoolgirls. He asked if I could be a naughty little school.  I may be in my 30s, but the beauty of roleplaying is you can be any age. I was happy to pretend to be much younger. So was my bestie Lynn. When I suggested he whack our bottoms, he got hard. Lynn and I put on naughty Catholic school girl outfits, put our hair in ponytails, and gave him the fantasy phone sex experience he wanted. He pretended to be the dean of an all girls school who had to discipline us for not wearing the standard uniform to school. He threw me over his knees first, yanked my panties down and smacked my bare bottom with his hand. I got so wet as he paddled me. I squirmed around on his lap to tease his hard cock some more. I played with my pussy as he spanked my equally naughty schoolgirl BFF. He ended up bending us over his desk and punishing our tight cunnies with his big hard stick. He pounded my pink sweet schoolgirl pussy. I even moaned and giggle like I did when I was a schoolgirl. He made a huge mess of our faces as he wrapped our ponytails around his wrists like handlebars and skull fucked us. The result was his biggest cum shot over our faces.

Interracial Cuckolding Phone Sex with Big Daddy King

cuckolding phone sexSome losers were born for cuckolding phone sex. And if you are going to cuck a small dicked loser, make it interracial cuckolding with the one and only Big Daddy King. I have this stalker at the club. He will not get the hint. I mean he cannot afford me. He cannot satisfy me, and I have told him countless times to leave me alone. It was time to give Big Daddy King a call and plead for help. Being his sugar baby OG, he was happy to help get rid of my stalker. My beloved King is as brilliant as he is handsome and hung. He devised a perfect plan to lure my stalker into his ultimate humiliation. The Living Legend has a monstrous 13-inch extremely thick cock. Porn stars struggle with the anaconda. My stalker is just some shameful wannabe. A Splenda daddy! I lured my strip club stalker to Big Daddy King’s Mansion. The loser drove up in an old Prius and parked his shameful car next to BDK’s Bentley. The audacity of that loser. He thought I would cheat on the Sugar Daddy of the Century in his mansion with him. There was no way he was bigger than 5-inches. I have given him numerous lap dances over the year, and I cannot even see a bulge. Pathetic. I took my stalker into the Throne room and he sat on the throne. As if. He was living in La La land if he thought his broke white ass was worthy of any throne. Right as I was laughing at my wannabe king, the Real King made his appearance. He pushed my stalker out of the way like an inconsequential bug. Cannot run with the big dogs, need to stay on the porch. I showed my loser what a real cock looked like. Black cock matters to white sexy sugar baby pussy.  As I undid Big Daddy’s King’s Gucci belt, out rolled the anaconda in its white compression sleeve that said “Superior” in bedazzled diamonds. Superior is an understatement when talking about the anaconda. And just like that my sugar daddy helped me interracially cuckold my strip club stalker. I could hear the loser wining like a little bitch as I screamed, “Big Daddy King owns my baby girl white pussy.” I begged to be anointed in the biggest cum shot from the biggest cock. Big Daddy King cums more in one load than that poser loser could in a lifetime. I fucked the Living Legend in front of my stalker teasing him the entire time. I knew my King would come to my rescue. He is my everything. I know Big Daddy King will always help his Sugar Baby OG with any pest problem she may have. He is the King of my world and owner of my sexy body and tight pussy forever. Let this be a lesson to you posers.

biggest cum shot

Summertime Beach Fucking is Hot Ass Sex

hot ass sexSummertime beach fucking is hot ass sex for me. I was doing some bikini modeling on the beach last week. Because of the virus, the beach was not packed. In fact, it was desolate. It was weird to see so few people out. It was the end of summertime, but still warm and beautiful. After a couple hours of photographs, the photographer suggested we get racy. There was no one around. He did not know me. I am an exhibitionist slut. I took off my bikini top to model for him, but I would have done that with a couple thousand folks crammed on to the beach too. I could tell he was getting hard photographing my fine body. I love summertime for the beach fucking. Hot ass sex on the beach makes my pussy drench. Now, I wished we had an audience, but I was happy to take his big cock in my pussy without one too. We fucked all over the beach too. I felt like I was filming a scene from that old movie, From Here to Eternity. We were rolling around in the sand as waves crashed around us. I heard giggling. I looked up and saw a group of teen boys jacking off watching our summer beach romp. I whispered in my lover’s ear to not let on that we were being watched. I started moaning loudly, my lover kicked his fucking up a few notches too. He had a about a 10-inch cock. Not the biggest I have had, but it was big enough to make me cum hard. My lover suggested I get on all fours so he could ass fuck me, and we could really give our onlookers a show. I put the hot in hot ass sex. I faced the ocean on all fours, so the teen perverts could see my fine ass while it got filled with cock and cum. I heard them moaning. They were stroking to our beach front fucking show. I love being watched. I am sure those boys enjoyed what they saw. I was not planning on fucking the photographer, but he was damn fine with a big cock and I love sex on the beach. Nothing says summer like some hot beach fucking.

hot ass sex

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