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No One Does GFE Phone Sex Like Big Daddy King

GFE phone sexNo one does gfe phone sex like my Big Daddy King. He is the man, the myth, the Living Legend. He makes all the men jealous, and all the women vie to be in the most exclusive sugar baby posse ever. BDK took me to an exclusive club the other night when he was visiting. The kind of club people wait outside for months to get in. Most men never get in because this club is not for posers, tiny dicked men or broke ass losers. We pulled up in Big Daddy King’s black Porsche. I was dressed to the nines, but even this sexy blonde bimbo cannot outshine her King. We scanned the club to check out the talent. Both our eyes landed right on Sheila, a stacked MILF. She was in a micro dress that hugged her body like a glove. I noticed her shoes. Sexy bitches always notice another sexy bitch’s shoes, especially when they are Louboutin’s. My King trusts my instincts and my instincts were telling me Sheila was the perfect companion for us in the club. I flashed Sheila a sexy smile. By the look in her eyes, I knew she recognized me and Big Daddy King from our social media. I could see the anaconda fever in her eyes. Big Daddy King and I introduced ourselves, and Sheila melted. She tried to play it cool, but it was clear she was star stuck. Big Daddy King does that to women. He ordered us some top shelf liquor. We talked, drank, and ended up on the dance floor where the entire club was watching. Men were jealous of Big Daddy King because he had the two hottest women in the club bumping and grinding on him. All the women were envious because they wanted to be on the dance floor feeling the heat of the anaconda on their bodies too. The booze went right to our pussies, and we were bumping and grinding on the only man in the club in our eyes. Big Daddy King is the only man any woman needs.

BDK got the VIP room for us, and Sheila could not wait to get the party really started. When we undressed, Big Daddy King watched with the hugest bulge in his pants. The anaconda can never stay at bay in front of sexy hot sugar babies. Sheila and I were wearing matching black thongs and lacey bras.  When Big Daddy King unzipped his pants, Sheila and I went down to our knees in unison. The anaconda was pushing through his white compression shorts that were under his Gucci pants. Big Daddy King is always styling. Sheila and I took turns giving rainbow kisses to the anaconda through his white compression shorts. Sheila was getting greedy to meet the most magnificent cock known to woman. The anaconda is talked about as much as Big Daddy King himself. The anaconda was hard, and our lips had not even touched his flesh yet. In unison, Sheila and I begged for the anaconda to cum out and play. Sheila almost fainted seeing his 13.5-inch coke bottle thick black superior cock. Seeing is believing. The anaconda is as legendary as Big Daddy King himself. But pictures never do the anaconda justice. Big Daddy King was enjoying Sheila’s magic mouth working on his big black superior cock. She is a big dick sucker extraordinaire. I had to step up my game. The two of us had to work in unison to properly worship the best cock in the world.

biggest cum shot I started live streaming the action for all the BDK lovers out there and all the haters too. I wanted to capture Sheila getting deep daddy strokes from Big Daddy King. She got on all fours with her hot ass up in the air. Big Daddy King gave her every inch of his anaconda in her pretty pink kitty. She made some of the sexiest moaning noises ever. It was clear she had never had a cock like the anaconda. No woman ever has.  I could not sit on the sidelines. I got down on the ground with Sheila. Ass to Ass for the anaconda. Two hot white sugar babies for one man. We still could have used more hands, but Sheila and I were greedy. We wanted Big Daddy King and his anaconda all to ourselves. BDK took turns deep stroking our kitties. When it came to his billionaire biggest cum shot, he put that hot love seed on our lady humps. We shared that billionaire nut sauce by twerking our asses together and enjoying every last drop. BDK cums more in one load than most men do all year. Sheila was a rock star with BDK. The camera loves her and so does the anaconda. Sheila was welcomed into the most elite sugar baby posse ever. Sheila is the newest sugar baby in the hottest most elite club in the world. She is the property of BDK for life now.  So, I am I!!! #Addicted2Anaconda #PropertyofBDK #Ass2Ass4theKing #BigDaddyKingOwnsUs

GFE Phone Sex with a Silver Haired Fox

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. The older I get, the more I want to be spoiled back. For years I gave and gave and never got back, not even sexually. I have earned the right to be spoiled and pampered. I guess you could say, I have paid my dues and I am ready to collect. I was dancing at the club the other night. The DJ played a Poison song because I was in an old Poison tee shirt and black chaps. It was 80s night in the club, and I went as an 80s groupie. I did my dance to “Talk Dirty to Me,” but afterwards a guy wanted the VIP room with me. He was much older than me, but old guys’ money spends the same in my book. He laid a big wad of cash on the table for me. I was suspicious because it was way too much for a lap dance. I was not sure what he wanted. He saw the concerned look on my face and assured me he was not offering to buy me or have me whack anyone for him. I gave him a lap dance to more 80s hairband music. He said he just needed a pretty girl to spend the weekend with him. He seemed nice enough. He appeared plenty rich enough. I agreed. I knew nothing about him. I was going off my gut impression. After the club closed, I went to his hotel with him. He was staying next door at this high-end hotel. I gave him another lap dance. This time with us both nude. He was struggling to get hard, which never happens to me. I took his age into consideration and decided he needed some of the tricks I use on prostate phone sex calls. I sucked his cock and worked a finger in his ass gently. He never stopped me. Within minutes he had a hard cock like he was a teenager again. I drained his balls dry. According to him, the last time he came he had no grey hair. We fucked for almost 48 hours. This morning he took me shopping before he had to catch his flight home. I do not know if I will ever see him again, but I am glad I took a chance on a lonely old man. He was a great fuck. I almost felt bad taking the money because he was so much fun.

No One Does GFE Phone Sex like Big Daddy King

gfe phone sexNo one does gfe phone sex like the King. My Big Daddy King was still reeling from his XXX BDK Birthday Bash. Me, his sugar baby OG, and a few other exclusive sugar babies were still hanging around to worship our King on his special day. Kardashian, Desiree, Babydoll and I were covered in billionaire nut sauce. BDK is the King of all Kings. My tits belong to Big Daddy King and so does the rest of me! Of course, Big Daddy King’s billionaire balls filled up with cum again quickly. Our sugar baby tongue rings were getting a huge workout. The anaconda is so big though, that it requires a bevy of beauties to worship it properly. You can put ten sets of sexy hands on the anaconda and still see plenty of that beautiful cock to suck! That is why there are so many jelly guys. #superiorblackcock!!!! We took all sorts of pictures with our King and his anaconda to make the haters more envious. We all sported our BDK tongue rings as we licked the head of the anaconda for some BBC cuckolding pictures for the posers and losers of the world. At the count of three, all sugar baby tongues were on the Living Legend’s superior big black cock. Our fire engine red lips soon smeared all over the Anaconda. #rainbowkisses!!! We lined up on his balcony looking out at the beautiful ocean and our Big Daddy King was in party mode. Most men are cum and done men. Not Big Daddy King. He can fuck his bevy of beauties all night long. He was on his mega microphone asking his Sugar Baby Posse who wanted some of the anaconda first. Of course, I did. I am the Sugar Baby OG and that comes with some privileges. I begged BDK to fuck my white girl pussy. We were still being filmed. We were all lined up on the balcony, proudly showing off our BDK tramp stamps. He spanked out sugar baby bottoms with his heavy and big anaconda. He smeared the big swollen head of the anaconda on our tramp stamps which made us all weak. It gives me a wet bald pussy just to be in the presence of such greatness. He oiled up his elite sugar baby posse and slid the anaconda in our ass checks. Big Daddy King is also the King of the tease. We begged for some daddy deep strokes. No one makes a woman cum like The Living Legend.  We love serving our King. And we live for him and the anaconda. He gave us all hot squirting pussies. We snowballed Big Daddy King’s billionaire nut sauce. When we are smeared with his seed, posers and losers can see we are Property of BDK for Life! No man can hold a candle to our Big Daddy King. Not then. Not now. Not ever. #Addicted2Anaconda #OwnedbyBDK #BBCMatters #TheLivingLegend

Phone Sex with the King

phone sexThere is no better phone sex than with Big Daddy King. He is the Living Legend for a reason. I got to plan his birthday party in Vegas as his Sugar Baby OG. I was so honored to be asked, so I got to work on planning the birthday party of the century for the man who is my King. I invited only the hottest women on the planet to attend BDK’s Birthday Bash at the MGM Grande. Porn stars, strippers and sugar babies like Kala, Kardashian, Lilly, Desiree and Babydoll. The men I invited were pro athletes, entertainers, and friends. There was a 1-million-dollar budget for a party fit for not just any king, but The King. I got the women to the party on BDK’s private jet. Some had to fly commercial, but it was first class all the way. I had the girls invited all primped and pretty for BDK on his special day. The women were decked out in their bling, with their hair and nails done. Everyone got to shop for a sexy outfit for the special day too. Only the best looking women for the King on HIS day.

Thousands of women submitted applications to attend the party, but only the top 100 girls attended. I had to prepare them for the fact that only about ten would get to worship the King and his anaconda. The rest could mingle with the other men in attendance. Next to the King, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are mere consolation prizes. BDK’s birthday is so special, he arranged for it to be filmed. I got the women to sign release papers for the XXX BDK BD Bash.  Everyone wants to be on film with Big Daddy King. When the girls arrived, they all got a BDK swag bag. Only the top ten hotties got to worship the King on his throne, however. Sure, there were sad women, but they were at the party of the century, so it lessened the blow a bit. My King was in Sugar Baby Heaven. We gave our King rainbow kisses as we fell to our knees to worship Big Daddy King and his anaconda. We kissed and groped the biggest and most beautiful cock in the world. We rubbed our King’s sexy muscles with oil. Ten sets of sexy hands all over the most beautiful chiseled athletic body known to woman. We sang our beloved King Happy Birthday while worshiping his body. The anaconda made an appearance in his white compression sleeve. We all felt faint. Seeing the anaconda is like seeing the 8th wonder of the world. We hummed happy birthday as we smothered the anaconda with birthday head. We got the biggest cum shot to our sugar baby faces too. There is no other man on the planet who can hold a candle to Big Daddy King. Many try, but they all fail. Happy Birthday to the Living Legend and the King of my world. #Propertyof BDK #addicted2anaconda #XXXBDKBDBash #BlackCocksMatter #OwnedbyTheKing


biggest cum shot

Hot Ass Sex on a Boat and Some SDH Too

hot ass sexHot ass sex anyone? It is always hot with me because I am hot. I am a sexy switch too. Most men think they can dominate me, but it does not work that way. Not with me at least. Once upon a time, I was on my knees for any man who snapped his fingers. I am in my thirties now and realize that not all cocks are created equally. I was on a date the other night. I met this guy on a special arrangements site. Now, there are no nude pictures there but most of the men are legit. Just wealthy men who want a pretty arm piece to travel with. This guy was definitely rich. He was not posing there because I checked him out. He is the CEO of a new green company. He owns several homes and a huge boat. I got to have a catered dinner with him on his boat. He spoiled me. He just has a thing for tall busty blondes. I have a thing for rich hung men. The problem was he was just rich. When we got down to business, I was disappointed. He called his cock big. He said it with such confidence, I was certain he believed he had a big dick. Five inches is barely average, but it is not a big cock. I could not act excited about a big cock that was not big. He saw the disappointment on my face and was happy. He said that I was giving him an honest reaction which meant it was not all about his money. He surprised me with his reaction because most dudes think their money means anything goes. He wanted small cock humiliation phone sex, so I gave it too him. I made the rich older man my sex slave. I made him eat my ass and worship my cunt. Even made him give me a bubble bath and wash my hair. It felt great to milk his wallet dry but not his balls.


Fantasy Phone Sex with Big Daddy King and Envy

fantasy phone sexEnvy and I love fantasy phone sex with our Big Daddy King. He is the most amazing man on the planet with a monster cock. He knew just which sugar babies to trust with his pre-birthday bash. I flew to Envy’s Malibu beach house that Big Daddy King bought her recently. Her new house is as gorgeous as she is. BDK is the boss of all things and all cocks, so he deserves many birthday celebrations fit for the king that he is. There is a reason he is the Living Legend. Envy gave me the tour of her new place. When our Big Daddy King arrived, Envy and I showered him with love and rainbow kisses. It was just his two favorite sugar babies for his pre-birthday bash. Even though he deserves a harem of sugar babies to shower him with attention every day, Envy and I were feeling greedy. We wanted him all to ourselves. We gave our King a show first. We oiled up our king touching every chiseled muscle on his beautiful body. While we basked in the beauty of our beloved Papi King, Envy motor boated my big boobs. We could see that the anaconda was growing in our King’s white compression shorts. We begged BDK to unleash the anaconda. No one has a monster cock like Big Daddy King. Envy and I fell to our knees to worship the greatest cock known to woman. As we unleashed the beast, we squealed in delight. Every time we see the anaconda, we get weak. We showered the anaconda with rainbow kisses before we placed both hands on that majestic cock. The anaconda is more than a mouthful and more than handful too. Envy and I shared the best cock in the world. We love Big Daddy King, and we love the anaconda. BDK double titty fucked his two favorite sugar babies, and we were in heaven. Envy got to fuck Big Daddy King doggy style while I watched and helped. Of course, you know I wanted to touch the anaconda, so I helped guide that black beauty into my fellow sugar baby’s hot pussy, I begged him to fuck me too. He spanked my fine ass with his monster cock as I cursed all tiny white dicks. Envy and I worship Big Daddy King and his anaconda. He deep daddy stroked both our white girl pussies. We thanked him for his billionaire nut sauce to our pretty sugar baby faces. GFE phone sex is only for our King. No one fucks us like Big Daddy King. And no one will ever fuck us better. #OwnedbyBDK #Addicted2Anaconda #TheLivingLegand #MonsterCock #BBCMatters2WhitePussy

gfe phone sex

Hot Ass Sex in Da Club

hot ass sexI put the ass in hot ass sex. Guys always notice my ample ass. They notice my boobs first then their eyes go right to my rump shaker. I have two things going for me. My tits and my ass. I was propositioned at the club last night and it was not my usual proposition either. Most guys want a hand job or a head in the VIP room. He wanted to eat my ass. He did not even want to fuck me either. Unlike most men, he realized he was too small to please a goddess like me. He wanted to lick my ass and worship my feet too. He was willing to pay for the honor. He got the VIP room. First thing he did was show me his worthless clitty. He had it caged like a good boy. He did not need me to tell him he was worthless. Someone beat me to that.  I let him lick my swampy ass.  I always sweat when I am dancing under those hot lights. I am a clean girl but like anyone I sweat in places like under my boobs and in my ass crack. This pathetic loser loved it though. I never seen a man go so crazy for my boob sweat before. He would have drank my dirty bath water. He gave me a tongue bath. Been awhile since I had a man clean me up like that. He even licked the cum out of my cunt. I had fucked an hour before I took the stage, so I still had some black cock spunk inside me even after a shower. This little loser paid a few grand not to cum. He just wanted to worship my dirty holes. Hey, you want to worship my holes and pay for the privilege, I will not stop you.


Phone Sex Switch Cassandra

phone sex Phone sex with a sexy switch is whatever you can imagine. I love being a surprise fuck to men. I picked this guy up at a club the other night. Well, he picked me up. I was ready to be his sex slave until I saw him naked. How disappointing. This man was white, but he was over 6 foot tall, and he had huge feet and hands. He was handsome too. I was excited for the potential. I felt blind sided when we got naked, and he had like a 3-inch pinky dick. I broke out laughing. I could not help myself. Honestly, I think any woman would have laughed her ass off. He was not used to a woman laughing at him. Maybe because he is rich and handsome. But I am sorry. All the money in the world cannot make up for such a small dick. How would that even stay inside me? Even sexually submissive women must have standards, right? The small cock humiliation phone sex treatment did not set well with him. He got violent. He smacked me across the room and demanded to know who in the hell I thought I was talking to him like that. Once upon a time, I let men beat me. That was before I grew up and realized that men with tiny dicks do not get to call the shots with me. Never. I blindsided him with a baseball bat to his nuts. He was naked, so I hit him hard enough to make him cry. I brought him to his knees quickly. I enjoyed it too. While he was down, I grabbed my biggest black dildo and rammed it in his ass raw. Now, he was really crying. It felt so good to put him in his place. He thought he could make me his bitch with a 3 inch nub? As if, LOL.

GFE Phone Sex Like No Other with BDK

gfe phone sexThere is gfe phone sex, then there is GFE sex with Big Daddy King. There is only one Big Daddy King. Many try to impersonate his greatness, but they are merely imposers. My BDK was just in Ireland selling off some business and personal assets and he wanted a special welcome home from his Sugar Baby OG.  BDK is in a league of his own. He deserves a welcome home fit for the King that he is. Kayla is this barely legal girl who has been desperate to get into the most elite sugar baby posse around. She looks like a mini me. I knew Big Daddy King would love her. It takes a posse of sugar babies to worship The King and his anaconda properly. Kayla was so desperate to be part of the posse she sent in a video. Turns out she is the baby sister to Big Daddy King’s biggest obsessed poser. He is this little white boy poser who thinks he is better than the greatest man around. As if. When I told my beloved King about Kayla, we hatched a revenge plan for her big loser brother. We were going to make sure Kayla went black. You know once you go black you do not go back. But once you go Anaconda you never stay gone. I can attest to the fact that once you have had a taste of the best you never want to go anywhere else again.

I had Kayla come over and I called her big brother personally and made him think I had finally come to my senses. No fucking way. The delusional wannabe actually believed that I wanted to worship his little white shrimp dick. It was a struggle to fake my love for a shrimp dick when I knew the anaconda was in the room hiding. Kayla and I cock teased her brother’s little dick. I tied him up as Kayla and I modeled bikinis and faked like we wanted his little white dick. We deserved an Oscar. Big Daddy King came out while Kayla’s loser brother was tied up and we broke out laughing. Kayla and I turned our attention to the only man in the room. We worshiped Big Daddy King. We shamed Kayla’s brother for the tiny dick poser he is. Kayla oiled up Big Daddy King’s body while I dished out some small cock humiliation phone sex to her loser brother. Now, we could be ourselves. Now we could worship a real man, The Living Legend himself. Kayla and I worshiped Big Daddy King in unison. I wanted to let the newest sugar baby have the pleasure of the Anaconda first. We gave the Anaconda rainbow kisses, but she got his billionaire nut first. She looked beautiful. In that moment, covered in BDK’s cum, wearing his jewels, displaying his tramp stamp and with her pathetic loser bother watching in shame, a sugar baby was born. And not just any sugar baby. A sugar baby in the most elite sugar baby posse ever. Welcome Kayla to The Living Legend Sugar Baby Posse. Like me, her life is about to change forever because there is no man like Big Daddy King. #NoPosers #Addicted2Anaconda #TheLivingLegand #OwnedByBDK #Blondes4BDK

Light Bondage Porn in the Club

light bondage pornI enjoy light bondage porn. Do you? I am a sexy switch. I will admit that I just began as a fetish model. I am a tall buxom blonde. The camera loves me. It started out as bikini modeling and some topless shoots. One day a photographer asked me if I had ever done any fetish modeling. He hooked me up with a studio and a submissive bondage whore was born. I do all sorts of modeling now, but I do love being tied up. I was at a fetish club over the weekend and there was a performance art show going on. Women were on display in various bondage positions. I wanted to be on display too. I have a killer body. My body looks good with light or extreme bondage. I asked how I could be one of the performance art pieces, and a man working the club put me on stage. What I did not realize at first was that the women go on stage naked, and the men in the club dress and position them. Interactive bondage. Cool concept. This one man jumped on me. He was handsome. He was also really good with his rope techniques. He had mastered it long before me. Lifestyle masters and subs frequent this place. Another thing I did not realize was that when you are on display for the men in the club, any man can cum on you, fuck you and grope you. No #metoo allowed in this place. The women in this club, me included, are there for the men to use. I was okay with it because it has been a while since I was in a fetish club. I sometimes miss bondage phone sex and BDSM games. I got used the most while on display. I was the hottest woman there. The next day, I had rope burns, matted cum on my body and swollen fuck holes. And I loved it all.

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