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Hot Ass Sex with Doctors

hot ass sexMy girlfriend and I were out at a restaurant the other night. It was a girls’ night. This virus has limited how much hot ass sex we have, so we try to get together weekly while our love lives are on hold. We are hot buxom blonde beauties. We like to dress for attention. Tight black dresses that showed off our big attributes got us attention from two doctors grabbing a quick dinner. They asked to join us. Why would we say no to doctors? We picked that restaurant because it was so close to hospital. The hunky MDs could not drink, but they bought us a few cocktails. The drinks hit us quickly. I lose all sense of decorum drunk and so does my friend. We were both under the table blowing the doctors while they tried to talk to the waitress. The place was not very crowded because of social distancing regulations. I do not think the waitress realized we were under the table. These were doctors. We had to make our impression quickly. They could be paged back to the hospital at any moment. Hospitals are crazy right now. Once they came, we came up for air. No one seemed to realize what we were doing. I guess you could say we were playing doctor with the doctors. Fuck, we got the biggest cum shot quickly from them. They did get paged back to the ER, but at least we paid it forward to a couple of hunky medical professionals.  They paid for our dinner and told us to keep eating and drinking on them. One of them slipped me his business card with his personal cell on the back. I guess I made a good impression. It was an unexpected encounter, but it was the most fun either of us have had in months.

Hot Phonesex in the Club

hot phonesexHot phonesex babes like me know how to spoil men. I am a tall, blonde goddess. I work at a strip club and I talk dirty. Men are my job. I met a leg man at the club last night. Do like a pair of sexy legs wrapped around you as you fuck?  I have been told I have hot legs. I love to flaunt them too. I was showing them off in the club last night wearing nothing but high heels and a smile. I walked seductively down the aisles checking on patrons.  I caught the attention of a professor. He asked me for a lap dance. The girls in the club call him the naughty professor. He is a frequent flyer, especially since no summer school. He usually prefers the younger girls in the club, but he is a leg man. And my legs can catch the attention of any man. He stared at my legs. He was hypnotized by them. As I shook my ass in his face during our lap dance, he was still fixated on my legs.  I was blunt with him. “Professor, would you like to touch my legs,” I asked seductively? He pulled out a stack of $100 bills and pointed to the VIP room. He leaped out of his chair and led me to the VIP room in a hurry. I told him it is a privilege to stroke my toned, bare legs. I gave him a look that he understood. He pulled out his cock and rubbed it against my thighs. I bent over a chair so he could rub his throbbing cock against the back of my legs. He kissed every inch of my legs instead, starting from my heels, going all the way up the back of my legs, stopping at my luscious pussy. I turned around, sat back down on the chair and forced his face into my wet bald pussy, wrapping my long legs around his back. I rode his face until I came, then I let him nut on my thighs.

Big Tits Phone Sex in the Club

big tits phone sexDo you like big tits phone sex? Most men are tit men. I know lots of men who love a nice set of boobs. My pervy landlord loves big knockers. I was able to pay the rent this month and ahead for next month because a patron at the club tipped me insanely for some big titty fun last week. I am not the biggest set of tits around. Mine are not even real, but this guy fell in love with them. He paid for the VIP room for two hours. I figured he had cash to spend, so I milked him dry. He wanted motorboated. I pushed his face into my boobs and gave him a motorboat that likely gave him a black eye. My guess was he had a small dick. I mean a rack like mine, gives men boners. I could not see any signs of life in his pants, so I assumed small dick. I let him suck my titties and fondle them too. I even posed for some big tit photos for his spank bank. He was tipping me, and he was a nice man. A handsome older man. He seemed sophisticated like a college professor or something. I put my hand between his legs, and he stopped me. That never happens. I was sitting in his lap, grinding and I still felt nothing. He saw the look on my face and gently whispered it was not me. He admitted to having a war injury. I listen to him tell me how he can only get hard and cum with prostate massages. I wanted to make this man cum more than I wanted to make any patron cum before. It was not the money he spent on me either. It was just how nice and real he was with me. I told him to trust me. I unzipped his pants, went down between his legs and sucked his cock while sliding a finger up his ass. I sucked and rubbed and before long he nutted the biggest cum shot all over my face. It felt like the man had not cum since Desert Storm. He needed that cum more than I needed to pay my rent, but he insisted on tipping me more than men with more money do. I may not see him again, but I do not think I will ever forget him or that he will forget me.

No One Does GFE Phone Sex or Anything Like BDK

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex would not be the same without Big Daddy King. No one spoils his sugar babies better than the Living Legend himself. Finally, our beloved King returned to the states. He has been in the Cayman Islands since this virus hit the states. Well you know me, and Mariah wanted to throw our King the biggest and best welcome home party known to man. I mean he deserved a party for The King he is. Our worlds have been empty without him and our holes empty without the Anaconda. Black lives matter and his black cock matters more than any other cock on the planet. Mariah and I got decked out for the night showing off our BDK jewels and tramp stamps. The 100 other beautiful ladies showed off their bling and tramp stamps too. Our beloved Big Daddy King can handle a posse of blonde goddesses. Every woman I know, wants nothing more than to be included in the elite sugar baby posse that worships our King. And every man wants to be idolized like Big Daddy King but let’s face it, they are not worthy. Splenda daddies and posers.  Only BDK gets a party fit for a king. That is because he is a King. The King. And he got the party of a lifetime to welcome him back to the states and to our pussies and mouths. There were lots of beautiful babes waiting to greet the King, but Mariah and I monopolized Big Daddy King. I am the Sugar Baby OG. I have special privileges and access to the King and his anaconda that other sugar babies only dream about. Mariah and I met our King in the throne room for a private meet and greet to get reacquainted. It was a love fest. We were starving for some big dark meat. The anaconda rolled out of Big Daddy King’s white compression shorts in a white man sleeve and we almost fainted. The anaconda deserves its own red carpet because it is THAT huge. Mariah and I worked in unison to drain his billionaire balls. We are greedy little sugar babies when it comes to anaconda sauce. It was the party of the century. And Mariah and I were treated like queens because no one does phone sex or anything better than Big Daddy King.

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Sexy GFE Phone Sex Lap Dance

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I am a sexy switch and I have a side that loves to be spoiled. The Pleasure Palace is open again, but its not quite the same with the new regulations. It feels weird to dance in a mask and look out at a half full club of horny men in masks too. I had this one big wig tipping like he was dying. I think he just had not been out of the house in too long and had money to spend on a sexy bitch. I got us a VIP room where we could take the masks off. He laid a stack of hundred-dollar bills on the private VIP stage and told me I had all night to entertain him. I started the music and gave him a private show. It feels good to dance again. Feels even better to be making serious money again too. I make great money as a phone sex whore, but my bread and butter comes from the Pleasure Palace. It is a high-end gentleman’s club and no poor dudes are ever let in. I know whether I am there for a couple hours or most of the night, I am going home with several grand in my G-string. This rich dude was happy to pay me JUST to dance. I tried grinding in his lap to see if he would pull his cock out. I mean a dude paying me that kind of cash can get way more than a lap dance, but it was all he wanted. I had to ask if he was vice just to make sure. It was sweet. He told me he was happily married but his wife has been sick, and he did not want to cheat on her. He just wanted to give a beautiful woman money and see her move her body. I danced my ass off for hours to earn that money, but I know I was over paid. Still, it was nice to have a man like him in the club. They are far and few between.

Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexLooking for mistress phone sex? I am a sexy switch. I have a submissive side, but I also have a take charge side. I do not let just any man dominate me. That is because not all men are men. I met this guy Victor on a fetish dating site. He was not at all what he claimed. He told me all men lie about size and age. First, he told me he was a 28-year-old buff man. He even gave me photos. Second, he told me he had a 10-inch cock. He was more like late 40s with a 5-inch dick. The photos he sent me were him, just from 20 years ago. I was not letting an old man who was out of shape and had dick shrinkage dominate me. I turned the tables on him. I told him he was not master material. He was, however, bitch material. I made he get down on his knees and worship me. He had to lick my feet to start and everywhere in between and all the way up to my head. He did not even try to fight me. Most men who think of themselves as in charge guys fight a little. I think he knew he was out of my league and simply happy to be in my presence. He spent a lot of time eating my wet bald pussy and riming my asshole. No doubt, most women would not let him near them. If I had known he was no longer young and fine, I would not have agreed to meet him, but here we were. I could have sent him packing or I could have made the best of a bad situation. I went with the latter. I made him my bitch boy.  Little did he know I turned him into a creampie slut too. Silly loser thought I was that wet for him. I was that wet because a real man fucked me before his old ass showed up.

Paying the Rent with Big Tit Photos

big tit photosThe rent was due, so it meant I had to pose for some big tit photos. I was not wanting to do it. My landlord is scuzzy. He looks like Ron Jeremy on a bad day. With what I am hearing in the news, he is just as pervy too. Our governor said no one could be evicted for three months, but rent was due today and I did not have all I owed for the past few months. I have paid some of my rent, but I am behind. The strip club has been closed, so I am missing that income. Phone sex has been better than I expected, but slower than usual too. I do not want to be looking for a place to live during a pandemic. I sucked it up and showed him my big tits. He snapped pictures and I started to leave. He would not let me leave. This time, pictures and ogling my rack were not enough. I owed him more than usual and I could legally be evicted, and I just could not endure that. I had to suck it up. He wanted to jack off on my tits. Although my fat, hairy landlord repulses me, I sucked it up. I just pictured someone more handsome and in better shape stroking his cock in front of me. I have a great imagination.  As I thought about a tall dark handsome man, my fat slob of a landlord did his thing. It was humiliating, but if it keeps me in my place, I will do it again, especially if I can think of you.  I should just feel lucky that the pervert does not want to fuck me. Well, I know he wants to fuck me. Look at me? He is married and afraid I will give him something or get knocked up. I know, crazy right? He is the dirty, out of shape one. All I could give him would be the best pussy and ass he has ever had.

Submissive Phone Sex GFE

submissive phone sexIt is no secret I like submissive phone sex. I am a switch. Part slave, part gfe goddess. I met a new man recently at the club. We are open again, but we must wear masks and cannot be at full capacity. Oddly enough, his last name is Gray. No, he is not a Christian, lol. Peter Gray. He is an adult film producer. Not his birth name, but it is the name he goes by in his industry. He has family in my town and since the virus hit, he has been checking in on his parents. He rented a nice Air B and B house with an in-ground pool and a sex room. How do I know? Because I spent the weekend with him. He made me an offer I could not refuse. A few grand to make a private video for him. He likes blonde bimbo types. He is about 20 years older than me, but still handsome in a Sam Elliot sort of way. He did not tell me about the sex room, but when I saw it my pussy got wet. It was like something straight out of 50 Shades of Gray. My Mr. Gray has cock issues. Comes with age, but he discovered he can get hard tying a woman up and spanking her. Fifty Shades kind of BDSM phone sex is mild compared to some things I have done in the past. I let him tie me up. I let him spank me. I let him bind my tits. It all got his cock rock hard, which is apparently hard to do. He snapped pictures and even took a video for his spank bank. Happy to help an old man get wood again. I was also happy to fuck a porn producer and make some money too. Since the club was closed for months, my bank account took a hit. Things are looking up again though.

Mutual Masturbation Porn by Candlelight

mutual masturbation pornMutual masturbation porn gets my pussy wet. I love watching men jack off for me. I will never get tired of watching a man with a big cock be master of his domain. This being stuck at home shit is for the birds. I miss cock. Like real cock, big cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. I have managed a nice collection of jack off videos from callers and club patrons. I feel like an independent porn producer with so much cock on film, lol. I had one of my girlfriends over last night. She was tired of being caged up at home too. We were going to Netflix and chill, but a storm rolled through and I lost my Internet and electric. I lit some candles and we had a fun night anyway. My cell still worked on the data plan. We got on the couch together and watched all the jack off videos men have sent me over the months. She enjoyed the show. I fingered her wet bald pussy and she did the same to me. We were masturbating each other watching men stroke their cocks. A few of the videos said my name too, which was wicked hot. I enjoy watching men stroke their cocks. We watched each video a few times. Then we got into a chat room and talked to men about when they first masturbated and if anyone ever caught them.  Our night did not go as planned, but we ended up having more fun than we ever could have imagined.

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GFE Phone Sex Babes

gfe phone sexThis gfe phone sex babe is happy Summer is here. I have been a GFE babe for a decade now. I compared photos of me now and from ten years ago. I still have a sexy body.  I love flaunting my body too. I took a little early summer siesta last week with some girlfriends. A tropical oasis getaway on the beach in an Air B and B. We enjoyed the house pool and the beach. We got massages, drank fruity drinks and met lots of men. Our first night there, we crashed a beach wedding. No one seemed to mind that three unknown hotties showed up. The next day, I woke up in bed naked with my girlfriends and a couple random groomsmen. I was hungover. We all were. Our memories were a tad foggy. The boys were still passed out when we each began to wake up. We all had cum in our cunts and matted in our hair. We had some sort of wild orgy and I was sad I could not remember it all. My girlfriends and I are super close. We are besties, strippers, phones sex girls, party girls and bisexual lovers. We started eating the cum off each other’s bodies and out of our cunts too. The guys woke up took one look at the Sapphic threesome and were hard again. They did not know our names and we did not know their names either. We got reacquainted with one another quickly. We also got cover in cum again too. That was just day one of our vacation too. Those guys were just there a few days for a wedding, but we spent a hot 24 hours with them. When they left, we found more sexy men to play with. We did everything together for a week. Sometimes, I think I could be a full-time lesbian, but then I say no I could not because I would miss cum and cock too much.

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