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I’m a Submissive Phone Sex Slave to Big Daddy King and His Anaconda

submissive phone sexIt is no secret I love submissive phone sex. When I started in this business, it was all I did. Then I met Big Daddy King. He did not look at me as a slave, even though I am a slave to him and his 13-5-inch, coke can thick anaconda. He made me a member of his elite sugar baby posse. That was like almost 7 years ago. BDK changed my life and my world. Now, I am a sexy gfe and only submissive to worthy cocks. And let’s be honest here. How many cocks are as big as the anaconda? I am now the Sugar Baby OG of the most exclusive sugar baby posse in the world. That is all because The living Legend himself saw something in me. His attention, his love has upped my stock and boosted my self-esteem. Big Daddy King has the platinum touch to anything and that includes his women. He is the top of the food chain, so being in his presence means trickle down theory for all his bevy of beauties, porn stars included. He can make or break a woman’s career, even though the real star of any movie with Big Daddy King is the anaconda.

Big Daddy King surprised me last week with a trip to South Florida to see him. The wife was away and the two of us could have fun. I flew in style because I was on his private jet. His stretch limo picked me up. I arrived at his Florida mansion in a red bikini, high heels and a fur coat that Big Daddy King gave me. Of course, I was fully blinged out in all the jewels he has bestowed on me. BDK owns me for life. When he saw me, his eyes grew big and so did his superior black cock. I love my King. He gifted me Versace bags and cash! He treats his sugar babies better than most men can imagine. He had a diamond studded dog collar for me and a leash. When he put them on me, I fell to my knees and crawled to him. He was by a massage chair for restraints that I knew were for me. Big Daddy King oiled up my big tits and sexy white girl body. He held me like a bowling ball. A finger in my pussy and a finger in my ass. Big Daddy King’s fingers are bigger than most white boy dicks. He spanked me too. I get wet at his touch. I mean he is The Living Legend.

I was begging for Big Daddy King to fuck me with his superior black cock. My pussy needed his anaconda. Of course, it did. Every girl needs the anaconda! He spanked my white girl booty as I screamed, “Black cocks matter.” I had a wet bald pussy for my beloved King. He fucked me better than an army of white guys. The anaconda always fills up my white girl pussy. I am owned by BDK for Life. No one will ever fuck this white girl pussy better either. #PropertyofBDK #Addicted2Anaconda #BlackCockSuperiority #TheLivingLegend

GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexDo you love GFE phone sex? I sure do.  I get to suck cock, fuck men, go to nice restaurants, travel, and get spoiled. What is there not to love about being a GFE. Sasha Grey made it a thing. She paved the way for other hot women to rise up and make a living off of taking care of men. Now, of course, I have a favorite sugar daddy. I am sure you all know who my favorite King is by now. I have other men I take care of too. In comparison, they are more like court jesters. But they still adore me and what woman does not enjoy being adored? Sugar Daddy Bruce is too old to fuck me anymore. He is like 70 something. Now, I am not saying all 70 something men cannot fuck. Bruce has a ton of medical issues and they have affected his sexual performance. He is okay with it. He likes to look and admire and just have company. It is not as big of an age difference as Anna Nicole and her old rich sugar daddy, but Bruce is the oldest man I been with so far. He spoils me. He is a widow with estranged sons. He likes me to come over to his mansion a few times a month so he can just look at me. He used to pay me for my company, but I told him to stop. I know what you are thinking. Why would a gold digger say no to money? I am aiming for a will inclusion! Plus, I enjoy being at his mansion and his company. We talk about movies and music. He knows so much. Plus, his fingers work very well. No one has finger banged me into a hot squirting pussy before. I adore Bruce. I know I am not his only hot babe, but I do know I am his favorite.

Submissive Phone Sex in Da Club

submissive phone sexIt is no secret I have submissive phone sex roots. I did not have an ostentatious upbringing. My father was not a typical father. He was not a nice man. I ran away and never looked back. I spent decades as someone’s bitch. I have clawed my way to the top though as a sexy stripper and GFE. I think I have more than paid my dues. I can be a great GFE or even accomplice. I do my best to leave my submissive bitch days beyond me, but sometimes the money is just too good to pass up. We have this regular at the club who only likes submissive women. I have avoided him because he is pretty brutal in the VIP room. The bouncers will intervene if we push the call button, but they let us do what we want for the most part. The more money we make, the more money they make because we tip out at the end of the night. None of this guy’s regular girls were working and he requested me. I negotiated a sweet deal. I am all about the Benjamins. I knew this guy’s reputation. Not like I have not been roughed up before. If he was going to put hands on me, I was walking out with more money than those silly girls at the club who do not know a thing about financial domination phone sex. He is dominant because he is overcompensating for an average dick. Sure, I had to work to drain his wallet. But I did drain it. He had to pay for me to suck his little white boy dick. He had to pay to spank my bare ass. I pretended to gag on his short stack, but that cost him too. In a strip club, women have all the power. They just need to know how to use it to get what they want and deserve. This sexy bitch does not use her best skills on underwhelming cocks for free.

Cuckolding Phone Sex with The King

cuckolding phone sex

Nobody does cuckolding phone sex better than Big Daddy King. That is because he has the best cock known to woman. The anaconda is the most sought after cock on the planet. Women know about the anaconda and about Big Daddy King. Both are legendary.  We had a cuckolding party in Dallas, BDK’s hometown. Big Daddy King puts the D in Dallas. That is where white women bring their loser men so the women can get some real cock and the losers can understand why Big Daddy King is the most sought after man in the world. Porn stars beg to do scenes with him. Women leave their men for him. And men are always jelly of his 13.5-inch thick anaconda. I invited the women. Some usual suspects like me, Tanya and Baby Doll. Big Daddy King arrived in style like only The Living Legend can. He strolled in the club in a mink coat. He had more money on his back than any of the loser men in the club make in a year. Tanya was from the last party we had at the club. She arrived sporting her BDK bling and tramp stamp that says, “Property of BDK.” Her loser husband must see that daily. My stalker came to the party too. He is this small dick loser who has tried to bang me since I started at the club. He is the sister of Baby Doll. He came willingly this time, however, because he has had a change of tune. He is now seeing that Big Daddy King is superior to all white boys and he wants to walk in his shadow and submit to his greatness. Big Daddy King owns his sister and two ex-girlfriends, as well as me, the object of his obsession for years.

At this cuckold party, my stalker watched along with some other small dick wonders as the women worshiped Big Daddy King and the most desired cock on the planet. BDK sent for the women in a stretch hummer. We came into the club and saw the losers lined up and our beloved King on his throne awaiting us to worship him. The white boy losers watched in awe as we stripped and crawled to our King. Big Daddy King is the sexiest man alive. Fuck Paul Rudd. I was in a black bikini all blinged out. Bid Daddy King oiled up my body in front of the losers. He summoned up Monica and April, two new women whose loser husbands were sitting next to my stalker. My stalker brought two hot blondes named Gia and Tia because he name dropped that he was attending a Big Daddy King party and the girls used him to meet The Living Legend. My former stalker is reformed now. He admitted that black cock is superior cock and that there is NO cock like the anaconda.

We were drinking top shelf liquor and dancing in front of our King. The anaconda made an appearance in a white man sleeve bejeweled to say, “The Most Wanted Cock on the Planet.” He was in his throne surrounded by hot and horny babes. My stalker crawled to the King of Kings so he could watch us sexy white bitches worship a real cock. Big Daddy King is every woman’s wet dream. We gave the anaconda rainbow kisses. Gia and Tia, and Monica and April got first dibs at that billionaire biggest cum shot because they were new. The anaconda is big enough to satisfy a bevy of beauties. I filmed it of course. I wanted the cuckolds in attendance to have something to remember this little party for the rest of their lives. Not that a man would ever forget watching his woman get owned by the biggest cock on the planet. Seeing is believing. Big Daddy King’s posse just keeps on growing as the word gets out about the greatest cock known to woman and man. #ownedbyBDK #BlackCockSuperiority #tastetherainbow #Addicted2Anaconda

Exhibitionist Phone Sex: I Love to Flaunt My Naked Body

exhibitionist phone sex

I enjoy exhibitionist phone sex. Do you? I am a stripper. I am naked on the internet. I am a nude model. Obviously, I am not ashamed to show off my naked body. I am proud of my body. Last night at the club, I met a photographer. He is in town on a modeling shoot and decided to stop in for some adult entertainment. He has a thing for buxom blondes. Now, I am not fashion model material, but as he told me, I am spank bank material. He wanted to take some pictures of me stripping and other nude and semi-nude photos. I never mind guys taking naked pictures of me. I am not ashamed to flaunt my killer body. He said he knows some adult entertainment photographers and that I should be doing nude photo shoots often. I have done some, mostly fetish phone sex type shoots like bondage, latex and other BDSM shoots.  He could have been full of shit. I have heard lines before, but either way, he did stroke my ego and in turn, I stroked his cock. He had a huge boner during our lap dance. He was pretty fly for a white guy if you get my drift. He did not have an anaconda in his pants, but he was packing 10-inches which is worthy of this sexy bitch. Some of the sexy black girls at the club have been teaching me how to twerk my ass. My ass snake charmed his dick right out of his jeans. I jiggled my lady humps on his stiff shaft and got a big glob of jizz on my left hump. I rubbed it in my ass, smack my own butt and kept on gyrating my ass on his cock until I brought it back to life. I do not always fuck men in the VIP room, but this handsome photographer was one of the lucky ones. He called me this morning and gave me a few names of top nude photographers to call. I guess he was not full of shit after all.

Phone Sex Holiday

phone sex

My phone sex holidays went by quickly. My girlfriend Tina came by and enjoyed the weekend with me. She is a pretty blonde stripper at the club. Like me, she was a teen runaway and ended up in the adult world of entertainment. Also like me, she has no steady boyfriend and no family. So, I invited her to spend the weekend with me. We cooked. We smoked weed. We watched movies and we fucked. I took some calls here and there but most of the day was spent licking my bestie’s hot bald cunt. She brought some sex toys for us. She had strapons, a double-sided dildo, Ben Wa balls, and a variety of anal toys too. She is a kinky freak like me. We both have sugar daddies and lots of high-end clients at the strip club. We know how to make men feel good. But guess what? We both know how to make women feel good too. I love eating pussy too. Tina is bisexual. She has girlfriends one week, boyfriends the next. I have never dated a woman, but I have eaten my share of wet bald pussy. Tina, is a cunt licker like no other. Not sure what white girl magic she has in her mouth, but she made me squirt. Tina is very skilled in the oral arts. My couch is drenched in girl juice. Not complaining though. It was nice to be taken care of all weekend. Tina worshiped my pussy and ass like no man ever has. I returned the favor though. I buried my face between her legs and made her quiver and squirt. My long fingers played her pussy like a harp. I love finger fucking a hot bitch. She tasted like watermelon. Her pussy was wet pink and juicy. Originally, I was sad I would be alone of the holiday. Then Tina came over. She has not left either.

Hot Ass Sex BDK XXX Christmas

hot ass sexIt is a hot ass sex Christmas every time Big Daddy King is around. He threw a special XXX Xmas party for the elite members of his sugar baby posse. It was a special party at the club because it was a cuckold Christmas. Hot wives brought their losers boyfriends and begged for Big Daddy King to show those loser husbands what a big dick really is. No cock is more magnificent than the anaconda. This cuckold Christmas was being filmed too. This way those loser white men will have a memory that will last forever, just like their wives. Only the top sugar babies were in attendance. Me, as the sugar baby OG, arranged it all. Kardashian, Jasmine, Lilly, Kayla, Desiree and Baby Doll were there all glammed up and blinged out too. The club was decked out with BDK’s throne and a Christmas tree and lights. Only the top shelf liquor was being consumed. Big Daddy King arrived in style like he always does. He showed up in his private helicopter. We had the red carpet rolled out for the one and only Big Daddy King. He walked in the club and all eyes were on him and his mistletoe Gucci belt. The hot wives and his sugar baby posse kneeled to worship the King as he made his grand entrance.

As his sugar baby OG, I got a special present. I just about lost my shit when I saw the black and pink custom-made Porsche with Sugar Baby OG blinged out on the door. Twenty-inch custom rims too. Big Daddy King is so generous to his sugar babies which is why he is The Living Legend and Sugar Daddy of the century. Big Daddy King is filthy rich. That stock in Pfizer put him in the billionaire club. All the hot wives and sugar babies were waxed, vaxxed and ready to climax with our King. The loser husbands had to watch since this was a cuckolding phone sex party. We would not let the loser husband’s touch their tiny dicks. They just had to sit on their hands and watch Big Daddy King own their wives. The anaconda was the only cock in the club, and Big Daddy King was the only man. He is more of a man than all those loser husbands combined. Seeing is believing. Those hot wives got the best present ever: The Anaconda.

As BDK sat on his bejeweled throne, the hot wives and sugar babies crawled on their hands and knees down the red carpet to where Big Daddy King was seated. Every woman in the club wanted a piece of the anaconda. Every woman in the club got it too. Once you go anaconda you never go gone. The best cock in the world is addicting. Women never go back to little white dick again because black cock is superior cock, and no cock is as superior as the anaconda. Leslie and Tanya were the first wives to get to worship the anaconda. They almost passed out when the best cock known to women fell out of BDK’s designer pants in its white compression sleeve that was bejeweled with precious gems to say, “God’s Gift to Women.” Lots of rainbow kisses under the mistletoe. Of course, we hot bitches took to social media to brag about the greatest present ever, our anaconda.  The sugar babies let the hot wives have first dibs at BDK and the anaconda. There is more than enough to go around. Watching those hot wives beg for Big Daddy King to deep stroke their white girl pussies in front of their loser husbands was the best thing ever. Well second-best thing ever. Big Daddy King and his massive anaconda is the best thing ever. And it is not Christmas until a white woman creams on Big Daddy King’s anaconda. Best Christmas party ever. Maybe not for the loser white boys who had to watch, but for every hot chick at the club, it was the best Christmas ever thanks to the greatest man ever, Big Daddy King. Merry Christmas white boy losers. And Merry Christmas to my beloved King. #PropertyofBDK #Addicted2Anaconda #BBCMatters #SuperiorBlackCock #BDKsXXXChristmas

Your Phone Sex GFE for Christmas

phone sexPhone sex holidays are the best. I always work the holidays. I have no family. I have never been married. I have no little ones yet. My parents are dead to me. And when I left home as a young teen girl, I had no siblings. I have always worked the holidays. The strip club used to be open on holidays, but the past couple years because of Covid, the club doors have been shut on holidays. I miss the club on holidays because I always made bank off the lonely hearts like me. If you are alone on Christmas Eve or Christmas, I will be around for you. I might have a few hot girlfriends over who do not have families or steady beaus either. I have boyfriends. The problem is they are all married. When you are a professional GFE phone sex slut to married men, you have no one on the holidays to hang with except for your other gfe mistresses. I had a blast last Christmas. I catered food. I invited a few hot chicks over. We partied a bit, ate each other’s pussies, watched Christmas movies and I talked dirty most of the night to men who were partying too, or just lonely. My sexy friends know what I do for a living.  If you find yourself alone this Christmas, I promise to keep you company!

GFE Phone Sex in the Club

gfe phone sexGive yourself gfe phone sex for Christmas. We had a Christmas party at the strip club last night. I was on fleek. I had a sexy red form fitting dress on. My hair was all done up and my nails were done too. I went to the salon earlier in the day so the men could see how sexy I looked. I was milking the club regulars. All the big spenders and girlfriend experience lovers were in attendance. Of course, I had some competition with the young dancers. But I have experience that the younger girls lack. I know what guys want even if they do not know what they want yet. This one big spender in the club is a total doll. Super nice, respectful and a great tipper. I have always thought he might be bisexual, or at least bi-curious. I have a sexy tranny friend and I invited her to the party. I brought her just for this guy. We have talked about shemales in the VIP room. I think he is she cock curious. Lots of men are. I do not think being attracted to a shemale makes you gay or even bisexual. I mean except for the dick they look female. Emerald is smoking hot too. My big reg got us the VIP room. He thought Emerald was a woman. She is, for the most part. He had lots of presents for me. I felt like a princess. I had a present for him too. He watched Emerald and I make out. When he saw me go down on her he got a pleasant surprise. She has a big cock, but it is pretty. Completely shaved and not all veiny like many dicks. My big spender wanted to suck her sexy tranny cock too. She was doing me a big favor. The three of us had a lot of fun. Watching my client with a shemale phone sex star made my day. He rewarded us both nicely for the experience too. A sexy GFE never judges, and helps you explore all your fantasies.

Phone Sex is Busier During the Holidays

phone sexPhone sex is popping right now, so is the strip club. The holidays make the adult industry busy. Does that shock you? Back in the day when I started stripping, we always worked holidays because they were the biggest money making days. Same in the phone bone world. This time of year, we get big partiers, lonely hearts and guys just stressed out and needing to let off some steam. Guess what? I love being there for all three types of men on the phone and in the club. Last night, I was at the club. This new guy, much older than the usual clientele, wanted the VIP room with me. He was a handsome silver haired fox. He looked sophisticated and rich. Two things I love in a man. I put on my best charm. As I gave him private lap dances, he told him his life story. He was looking for a woman to spoil. His story was tragic. Lost his family years ago in a car accident, never found love again. Poured his energy into his business. He made me an indecent proposal. It was not quite as much as Robert Redford offer Demi Moore in that movie, but it was a lot of money. I am no stranger to banging geriatrics, but I had never been offered this much money. I spent the night with him in his hotel suite. We mostly talked and danced. He took a Viagra though and it was a gamer changer. His cock was bigger than I expected, well groomed too. I showed off my cock sucking skills, and he gave me a hot squirting pussy with his old cock. The man was a skilled lover. Better than many men half his age. Sweet and tender and very attentive to my needs. It was just a night, but he promised next time he was in town he would look me up. Yeah, I love the holidays. With no family of my own, the party guys and lonely hearts keep me company too.

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