Be careful what you wish for

bratty phone sex

Be careful what you wish for if you really want bratty phone sex I’m the goddess for you.  I’ve always gotten exactly what I wanted, and I might have been a little bratty here and there but the more nasty I got it seems like the more guys I had a job that are willing to be betas for me. There’s something so amazing about a little beta. I enjoy training and draining. If you like to be told what to do and to have your pocket emptied, you have the right girl. There’s nothing like turning men into robots and zombies. The only thing you should be thinking about is pleasing me and giving me everything I want, taking me shopping with your credit card so I can Max it out. I’m probably the hottest little sugar baby, however, encounter. Get on your knees and worship the Scottish hand over that wallet and watch me stand I can’t wait to make you tip me and just make you stay on the line.

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