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Little dicks need not apply

cuckolding phone sexWhat is it about me that draws in all the whiny little dick men? So many of them think that they can have me, as if I would ever settle for a dick like that. Look, if you have a lot of money I would act like your girlfriend so you could impress people but I certainly wouldn’t allow you to fuck me… and you would be paying thru the nose to even get that. Men like you are only ever good for two things, an open wallet and cum clean up. The only way a man like you would ever be allowed to touch this perfect pussy is if you are cleaning out the cum a better, bigger man left there. You’re like a servant, only there to do one thing and leave and you pay me for the privilege too. DO you know what that makes you cucky? It makes you a sad little bitch boy.

What a loser

cuckolding phone sexAll I could think when I met him was what a fucking loser this guy was. He was weak looking and fat with the smallest dick I had ever seen. I don’t know if it was his big fat belly making it look tiny or what but man that was a little useless dick that I was definitely not going to be touching. You know me, I only fuck men with huge cocks, whiny fat guys with little peepees don’t turn me on at all. I wouldn’t even that that whiny bitch watch me fuck another man but I damn sure took him money anyway. He was all mad but that’s how it works with me, he was paying for my time and attention not my pussy. He bitched so much that I shut him up but letting my lover shove his dick down his throat, that shut him up real fast. I let my lover fuck his throat until he came and made little loser boy swallow it too.

My new lover

cuckold phone sexI have a new lover and believe me he is no wimpy little bitch boy. My lover is a big muscular black man with a giant cock, it’s so big that it makes my jaw hurt to try and swallow it so I always make one of my little loser cucky boys fluff him up for me. He stretches my pussy out in ways that you little dick boys could never do and boy does that just kill you doesn’t it? I know there are many men that want to get with me, they crave my attention to the point that some losers even stalk me but I never give in. You are either good enough for me or you are not period. This man is more than good enough for me, he is perfect! Tall and sexy with a cock like I’ve never seen before. When I fuck him I am in heaven! You cuckies would be lucky to clean his cum from my pussy…

He was so humiliated

cuckolding phone sexI humiliated a little cucky boy in a pretty big way last night and it was fucking hysterical! He had the smallest cock I had ever seen in my life, it was barely an inch long! Like seriously this lil dick was pretty much just a head, it was the very definition of a micro penis. But his brother on the other hand had a fucking huge cock so I made sure to invite them both over. I made them compare cocks and just that was enough to have cucky crying like a little bitch… but when I made him get down on his knees and suck his own brother’s cock… well that had him almost hysterical. It was so funny because cucky wanted to fuck me so bad and he knew that I would never let him. I fucked his brother tho! He had a real cock, a big fat 11 inch cock and I fucked the shit out of him. Then I made cucky clean my cum filled pussy too.

I don’t know why he was surprised

cuckolding phone sexI don’t know why he was surprised that I wasn’t interested, with a dick as small as his is you would think he would be used to rejection by now. He acted like that was the first time any woman had laughed at his cock but seeing as how that dick was barely an inch long, I found that pretty far fetched. I’m sure lots of women have laughed at him before, and those that didn’t were just blinded by his money but money doesn’t work on me. I mean, obviously I will take his money but he won’t be getting any pussy.The closest he will ever get to this perfect pussy will be cleaning it up after a real man fucks me. I like big cocks, cocks that can fill me up, his lil wannabe dick was definitely not going to cut it. He was all sad about it too but you know what? He still did everything I told him to and gave me whatever I asked for too even tho he got very little in return.

I deserve better

cuckolding phone sexI deserve the best and I won’t settle for less so when a man with a little dick tries to get with me I shut that shit down immediately. You have to have a big dick to interest me at all so when I see a little one like Tony has, well I just laugh in his face. Why would I settle for a dick like that when I can have any man I want? Look at me, beautiful body, beautiful face, I am a total package, pure perfection! His little cock was an insult to me honestly, to think that something that small would ever satisfy me. I made Tony call his brother in, now that man has a huge cock. Tony was so humiliated to have to sit there, tiny dick in hand and watch me fuck his brother. He even cried like a little bitch but you know what? He learned a valuable lesson.

I was so pampered

cuckolding phone sexFinally I was treated the way I deserve! My new favorite cucky did something very good last week, he took me and my stud on his yacht so I could have a private little cruise for a week. Everything was done for me, I was waited on hand and foot and I had everything I could possibly want. I love that even tho cucky has loads of money he still knows his place is to worship me and watch while I fuck whoever I want. I had my stud there with me and I fucked him whenever and wherever I pleased and cucky cleaned my pussy up after every load of cum. He even sucked my stud’s cock to get him hard for me. I love when a man knows his place like that, he gave me a vacation I sorely needed. All my little bitches should plan things like this for me, you all know I deserve it.

He was my servant

cuckold phone sexI made my newest little cuck my servant for the day. He wanted me so bad but I wouldn’t let him touch me at all and he about lost his damn mind. He was begging me and whining and crying and being a little bitch so I gave him some hope. I told him that if he was my servant for a week that I might allow him to touch my perfect body… but only if he was a very good servant. I made him clean my house from top to bottom all while wearing a french maid outfit. He isn’t really a sissy boy so his discomfort made it even more fun for me. I had my studs over so they could fuck me the whole time too so he had to watch me be fully satisfied by many men all while he could do nothing. In the end he begged to be allowed to fuck me but you all know I don’t fuck little cucky boys! I did let him lick my pussy clean tho, he deserved it for all the hell I put him thru.

He had to do it

cuckolding phone sexThis annoying little cucky would not leave me the fuck alone no matter how many times I told him to stop. He was constantly messaging me and calling me and just being the neediest little whiny bitch I have ever met in my life! I get it, they get obsessed with me and feel like they will die without my constant leadership but fuck! Sometimes I need a break! Anyway, this guy needed to be broken so I let him think he was going to get some special alone time with me and when he showed up my stud was there waiting. Cucky was so upset but I didn’t care, I told him that he was going to learn a harsh lesson so get ready. I made him get down on his knees and suck my stud’s cock and boy did that make him cry. He didn’t want to suck dick but I forced him to and guess what? That little faggot got his lil clitty hard while he was doing it. Looks like I know what he likes better than he does huh? Now he is a quiet little cucky that only speaks when I tell him to because he knows that if he annoys me again I will make sure that everyone knows he’s a little dick sucking faggot.

Quarantined with cucky

cuckolding phone sexI am stuck quarantined with a stupid little cucky boy and no stud in sight can you believe that bullshit? Here I am, the most beautiful woman in the world stuck witha little dick loser for company and you already know I would never fuck a man with a little cock. He keeps begging to fuck me, promising that he will satisfy me blah blah blah but all that was doing was pissing me off. I wanted a real fucking cock not a little one! Anyway, I made him order me dinner and let me tell you the delivery man that brought it was sexy as hell. He was a tall black man built like a linebacker and I was instantly in lust. I know we are supposed to be no contact and social distancing and all that shit but this man was way too sexy to pass up so I invited him in. He took one look at my sexy body and came right in, he seemed surprised to see cucky there but I just told him he was no one special and to just ignore him like he wasn’t there at all. So we fucked right there in the living room in front of cucky and I finally got to get off. Cucky was not so lucky but honestly, who cares?

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