Ass worshipping is Hot as Hell

Tranny Phone SexYesterday, after my lunch date; we went for a drive and it wasn’t long before we ended up at his place. I had a grin on my face as we pulled into his driveway. He looked at me and said, “You always have your way don’t you?”, and of course I mostly always do! Okay, fine – maybe I always do!

As we were walking to his front door he kept grabbing my ass, and I couldn’t wait to get inside so I could have my cock shoved to the brim up his incredible ass. I do enjoy the time we spend together and I know he does too, we waste little time getting to the good stuff. As soon as we got inside his very tastefully decorated home we started stripping our clothes off and were all over each others cocks. I sucked on his rod as he sucked on mine and we both exploded with cum deep down each others throat.

Then I rammed my cock into his ass and fucked him hard! As I was pounding him he was stoking his own cock which is a little unusual for him to do as he is concentrating on the ass fucking he is getting. I pounded his ass, thrusting my hard cock in and out until I shot my load deep inside his ass. He got up and went over to a chair and motioned for me to come sit on his lap.  I did so,  and made sure to position myself just the way I needed to for his rock hard cock to plunge deep into my ass and he shot his hot load into my ass and it felt so amazing I couldn’t help but to shot my load all over his chest.

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