Mommy’s TLC

My pussy always gets wet when the boy calls from college and says he wants to come home for a visit. I always make sure the house is stocked with his favorite foods and that his room is in tip top shape for him. Everything has to be perfect.
This time he showed up and at dinner he had a proposal. He wanted to have a role play weekend. As soon as the words came out of his mouth I was soaked. All though I found it a bit unusual that he felt the need to discuss this since we often role play.
Then he began to explain that this was going to be an all weekend role play, one continuous game. Now he had my attention, this sounded like fun.
He wanted to pretend that he was injured and unable to care for himself. I was to be his naughty mommy. A horny as hell woman that hadn’t been laid in some time and would take advantage of his condition. Since he would be unable to stop me, I would take advantage of him and his huge cock no matter how much he protests. He wants me to get him hard when I give him his sponge baths and after giving him his “medicine”. He really just wants me to take complete advantage of him all week end long.
I am so fucking horny and this idea has me so fucking hot that I want to start immediately. I get him to his room and into bed so that I can start by feeding him dinner.
This is going to be an amazingly incredible weekend! As I nurse my boy back to health giving him lots of TLC while keeping my pussy full and happy all weekend long. I don’t know where he came up with this idea but I know I fucking like it a hell of a lot!

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