April Fools Carla Style

Tranny Phone SexBeing the luscious tranny that I am, over the years I have developed a wonderful and exciting April Fools surprise that pleases me and most of those who have experienced it with me. Many years ago I decked myself out in my prettiest tightest little dress and stiletto boots and hit a bar where I was not known by anyone. I picked up on a very handsome young stud and took him home with me. He thought he had struck gold when I asked him to come with me, he couldn’t contain his excitement and his cock instantly rose creating a huge bulge in his tight jeans.

As soon as we got to my place we had a couple of drinks, I made his stronger than mine of course. I wanted to make sure he was going to be totally into his April Fools surprise! He slammed his drinks and got extremely tipsy to say the least. I invited him upstairs to my bedroom and he smiled from ear to ear. He knew he was going to get fucked, he just had no idea as to how good it was really going to be. I unzipped his jeans to release his cock and took off his pants and went to work with my mouth getting him so horny he could barely handle it.

When I could tell he was about to shoot his hot wad of cum into my mouth I pulled my skirt up, flipped him over, shoved my cock in his tight¬† little ass and began stroking his cock with my hand. He struggled hard at first but before long was pumping and grinding on my rock hard cock and I could tell he was truly enjoying his Aprils Fools surprise. We both had the ultimate orgasms and fucked each other in the ass on and off all night long! To this day we are still friends and over the years I have made many new friends on April Fools Day, including the new friend I made last night using my same technique. I Love April Fools Day, don’t you?

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