I Maid His Day On April Fools

The ad read:
Maid wanted. Must be willing to cook, clean, do windows, do the shopping, keep track of special occasions within my family and make sure gifts are purchased, wrapped and delivered, and be willing to wear a special uniform while performing house hold duties. Must have an open mind. Position pays well for the right candidate.

Of course I had to go apply for this position, the whole thing had peaked my interest and my imagination had my cock standing erect and dripping pre-cum.
I called the number and made an appointment for an interview while jerking my dick with one hand and taking down information with the other. (multitasking will be important with this position, I have a feeling).
The next day I picked out a very attractive, very short, very form fitting black dress and headed out to my interview. The gentleman looking for assistance lived in a nice home and it was evident that money was not an object. It was also evident that he was not overly attractive and had the personality of a wet rag, so he was likely single. He made no bones about what would be expected and how well I would be paid for my domestic services. It was also obvious that he found me acceptably attractive.
I got the job and started immediately. He gave me my “maid uniform” which was a skimpy little number that looked fabulous on me!.
I watched him as he watched me all day long cleaning, bending over and teasing him endlessly. A couple of times I caught him rubbing his dick while he was watching me.
After dinner he told me to clean up and put on the out fit in the bathroom and meet him in his bed room before I would be dismissed for the night. In the bathroom I found a smoking hot red and black lingerie set with stockings, guarder and red fuck me pumps. Smiling I put the outfit on and went to his room.
After one of the hottest make out sessions complete with passionate kissing, hard titty sucking and a blow job that had him ready to blow his load, he asked me to get undressed for him.
I knew this could go bad but I was so fucking horny I got undressed with out thinking. When I turned around to face him, my huge cock bouncing in front of me, I smiled sweetly and said “April Fools”. A smile came over his face and he said “I was about to say the same thing” as he pulled the covers back revealing his four inch cock that was standing straight up.
Fuck it, I went for it and  found out what he didn’t have in his pants he made up for with his mouth and my huge cock in his tight ass “maid” his day!

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