An Oldie but a Goodie!

I found a picture of me from 35 years ago. Damn I looked so good it brought back all the best memories! That was the night I did my first gang bang cum party! Where all the guys fucked me and then shot their hot cum loads all over my face and body. It was the first night I realized how much of a dirty whore I really am. I had been cum on a lot in my life. But never had 6 guys coved my face and tites in hot cum all at once. I tell you this whore exploded when all that cum hit me. I knew right then… I was made to be a cum whore. Well I am a lot older and wiser now. But I still very much enjoy a good cum shower! Actually I am really needed a good cum shower after reliving my first cum whore experience. I need to feel that hot wet cum cover me… I need to get fucked right now! Every time I see this picture I feel the same. MMMM An Oldie but a Goodie!

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