Four Leaf Clover

Today was a fucking amazing day! I went to a St. Patty’s Day party and met this hot little leprechaun. He wanted to show me a good time so he took me in one of the back rooms and showed me his four leaf clover! His four leaf clover was the biggest, and hottest one I have ever seen. It would make any girl follow the rainbow. Giggle

He slid his hot four leaf clover right in between my sweet little pussy lips and made sweet St. Patricks Day love to me. I never knew I could come so hard with a hot leprechaun. He had me creaming for hours. 

It was time for the leprechaun to put his tongue inside the hot,wet pot of gold. He slid it right inside and the liquid gold went dripping all in his wonderful mouth. We sucked and fucked each other all day long and tasted every bit of each other gold. 

At the end of the day we both could see nothing but rainbows!


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