Let’s TRIP!!!

Hell yes, I am throwing a retro party tonight. I can’t wait. There is nothing like fucking while you are tripping on ACID! I got the place all decked out with psychedelic posters that my mom gave me. I put up a disco ball and have several lava lamps. I got all the music I need and the mood is set! The more I decorate the hornier I get and my cunt is getting soaking wet thinking about the mind altering high I get off ACID!

Everyone has to dress like a hippy, not that we are going to stay dressed long! We are going to have a good old fashioned orgy and make love not war! It is going to be groovy man! I can dig it big time, can you? Every one has to get into the spirit and talk the talk as well as walk the walk.

The first dick that cums in this pussy while i am tripping is going to get a huge shout out of SOCK IT TO ME! I wish I had grown up in that time but it is all cool dude because tonight we are going to be free and easy and love will be every where. It is going to be our utopia!

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