Hot phonesex

BDSM Phone Sex

As I was getting ready to go out with friends the phone rang. It was not one of my regulars that was calling, He instantly intrigued me with his deep sexy voice. He asked if my little ones were home, I said no they were at a sleep over. He asked if I would meet him at the coffee shop, and I said sure. It didn’t take long before he made his first move. Right there in the booth at the coffee bar he inched his hand up my skirt and it was only a matter of seconds fore he had me wet and wanting to be fucked. He pinned me in the booth and fingered me until I came so hard. at this point I decided I shouldn’t be the only one having pleasure here, I jacked him off as he was massaging my clit with such perfection! We sat there in a public place “talking” for hours and literally came at least 4 time each. He asked me if I would like to go to his apartment and told me how he would inch his way from my lips to my pussy and then to my ass leaving me quivering from head to toe. How could I resist such as invitation!

By the time we got to his apartment I was so wet and wanting to be fucked, it had turned me on so much to have come so many time in a public place, I was sure others were enjoying the show almost as much as we were enjoying each other. As soon as we got to his apartment we went straight to his bedroom, I sucked, and fucked that big cock until it was dry, and he explored every inch of my body just as he had promised. Before I knew it I had to get home because the little ones were due to be home soon. I no sooner got into my door when the phone started ringing, it was him! I immediately laid down on my couch as I knew what I was in for, he didn’t let me down, we both talked each other though the night before and had the best phone sex organisms anyone could ask for. Can’t wait for my next call.

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