Fuck It Forward For World Peace

Today is World Peace Day. each of us should try to spread some peace weather it is smiling at a stranger or buying someone lunch. Personally i can’t think of anything in this world that spreads peace like sex. A killer blow job. a great titty fuck, letting someone fill my hot ass with cum. Or just simply catering to a man, any mans every sexual whim and desire. Is there anything that would bring you more peace then a happy dick that has been drained by a sexy seductress? I don’t think so. and in all the places there is war, do you think peace would come if everyone laid down their arms and pulled out their cocks? I swear the answer to World Peace Day and world peace in general is world fucking, world sucking, world cumming. The solution is so simple, make love not war. Fuck and suck and just enjoy the pleasures of life every day. Do you think I am right? I sure do and I think I will start a “Fuck It Forward” movement instead of  “Pay It Forward”. Who is with me n this?

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