All Tied Up ;)

throw me down and tie me up 😉

Ugh, I hate boring parties. The other night I was out at a friend’s party and it was totally dull until my boyfriend came up with an awesome idea to liven things up. First he stripped me down and grabbed some rope and tied up my ankles and tied my arms and wrists behind my back and bent me down on top of the coffee table.  He said I had to wait until I had sucked every cock that came up to my face and swallow every last drop of their succulent cum when it shot into my throat and THEN he would fuck my tight little pussy raw. So, of course, I did. I sucked and choked on each fat cock that slammed into my naughty little whore mouth. The last guy pulled his dick out right before he came and shot the sticky sweet cream all over my face. I was licking it off my lips and begging for more cock when, finally, I felt the delightful mushroom tip of a massive, pulsating cock sliding along my tight hot slit and then plunging deep into my moist pussy. I screamed louder with each thrust as he pounded my purring little kitty. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back. The shot of pain made my whole body convulse as he fucked my tight little hole faster and faster until I felt a surge flow through his meaty rod and shoot that hot, sticky cream deep, deep inside me and I shook as I experienced the most intense orgasm EVER!

It was such an awesome night with so many more to cum. I love a man that isn’t afraid to show the world what a submissive whore I am. I love to be disciplined and controlled the way a naughty girl should be – I love when my Master knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to make me do it 😉

–Submissively Yours,



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