The best day ever

I went to eat at the heart attack café this week end. All those naughty nurses serving up all that great greasy food. mmmm fantastic. I just loved the girls costumes. Finally I just couldn’t stand it! I asked to talk to the manager and told him I had to have one of my own. He said no at first. But I followed him to his office and said I could wear the outfit better than any of his girls and I was willing to prove it. Just then there was a knock on the door and some little 18 year old vixen came strutting in. She was nice.. but please! I told her to take her dress off I wanted to try it on. She looked at her boss and he said go ahead and smiled. She stripped right out of her uniform for me! I came right out of my little dress and tried on her costume. Of course my DDD’s BARELY fit into her costume and both waitress and owner said DAMN! I knew I looked great. I said thank you to the cute waitress by kissing her on the mouth. Then running my fingers down her body and playing with her sweet little pussy. I pushed her back on the desk and slide my mouth right down on her little 18 year old pussy! I could hear the boss pull his cock and start stroking it. He was just watching as I ate her out. I didn’t know when he got up and came around behind me. But when he pushed my little skirt up and shoved his dick inside me I knew I had hit the jackpot! A sweet little pussy to devour and a big thick cock to ride, all at once! And what a treat they both came at once! The manager compted my dinner.The waitress let me keep the clothes and I got a fantastic fuck! The best day ever.

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