Age Play Anal

BDSM Phone Sex
My sweet asshole is stretching out more and more with every push of your fist. It took hours to finally get my little fuck hole to open up to you, but we’ve done it and now I’m at my happiest. My tight teen body is tiny, and you made my young daughters watch as you used first just your fingers, but now your whole fist to stretch me my a rubber band. You tell my girls an important lesson. “Your submissive young Mommy is juss a fuck toy here for my pleasure. As you both will be when I decide your blooming little pocket pussies are ready for me.” My girls are smart and smiled real big with an angelic little “Yes Master!” before handing him the O ring that was going to keep my anal fuck hole gaped. He made my sweet girls come up and shove their little fists deep inside my shit chute. I was so stretched out they didn’t even tough the sides, but he made them rub the walls of my wet fudge factory just to watch me squirm. Then, he bent them over next to me and started lubing up their assholes so they could match with Mommy.

Age Play Phone Sex

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