Our Afternoon With Big Ben

I got a call from Ben and he was really horny and wanted to play with me and my friend Gracie, so I called her and she was available and ready to go.  When Gracie saw his cock she was so excited!  She couldn’t believe how big his cock is – all 12 amazing inches of his cock popped out of his pants when I opened the zipper for her to see it.  Ben smiled and told Gracie to take as much of it in her mouth as she could, and she did!!!  What a sight to see, little Gracie wrapped her lips around his cock and started swallowing it down.  She couldn’t go down far enough on her own so I grabbed her head and pushed until I felt her starting to gag.  I knew his cock was all the way in, so I leaned down and stroked the 7 inches still remaining and licked and kissed his balls.  Ben is always so much fun to play with, and his cock is always so fucking hard.  I can’t get enough of it, and I’m sure Gracie will be back for more too!

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