Feening for a FIX!

I have been Feening for a fix. I need it bad! But my supplier has been short lately.  So short that I am willing to out source. My suppler hooked me up with some other dudes. They were pretty scary. Big black guys. And they looked rough! They knew what I had to offer and they were excited! They wanted to look at “the Goods”.  So I offered up my little whores.  I stripped the little sluts down and showed them exactly what they would get. I agreed they could do anything they wanted. If they had what I needed. And they did!.  So I let them take turns forcing my little whores open. Stretching out their little asses and pussies. Using them rougher than they ever had before.  And I don’t fucking care! I was flying so fucking high! And felt so good. I couldn’t even hear them scream.  But that is what they are for! They are there to make mommy happy. And I am very happy now. And my little whores can take it.

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